Copyright Notice

It would appear that not everyone has taken notice of the copyright of my photographs and text so for this reason I am laying down the following rules regarding use of all material displayed on this website.

You may store electronically any of the images on this web site, including as use as wallpaper for a desktop and they may be printed out for your own personal use.

You may display them on a web site, provided you obtain my permission in advance and place a note along with the image that the copyright remains with myself, Alan L Clark, also put a clear link to Peak District Air Accident Research (, my preferred format for this notice is for it to be immediately below the image with this layout – Image Copyright: Alan L. Clark, Peak District Air Crashes.

Authorised holders of electronic copies may give the image files, or prints made from them, to others, on the condition that the restrictions detailed above continue to apply.

You may not attempt to make financial gain from any of the images or publish them except as detailed above.

If you have any queries regarding the above, or wish to publish any of the images commercially be it in a book, magazine, newspaper or other medium please contact me at (removing all of the spaces) alan @ peakdistrictaircrashes .co .uk normally I don’t have a problem with their use.