Lockheed Hudson Mk.I T9292 / UA-P of No.269 Sqn RAF, crashed near Brora in Sutherland during the night of the 30th April / 1st May 1941

Lockheed Hudson at the Royal Air Force Museum


Norman Child Flight Sergeant Pilot Killed
Nevett Marshall Sergeant 2nd Pilot Survived
Aubyn John Mathie Adolphus Pilot Officer Wireless Operator / Air gunner Killed
Arthur Victor Summers Sergeant Wireless Operator / Air gunner Killed


The aircraft had taken off from Wick on convoy escort duties in the early evening, upon return the pilot could not safely break through cloud cover near Wick or over other safe areas so the aircraft was abandoned.  According to Coastal Command Losses P/O Adolphus and Sgt Summers landed in the sea off Brora and were both drowned.  Sergeant Child came down on land but was killed either by striking part of the aircraft or by parachute failure. The three crew who were killed are all recorded as having died on the 1st May 1941 possibly indicating the crash occurred after midnight.

Flight Sergeant Child had previously survived a crash at sea some 125 miles SW of the Faroe Islands (180 miles NW of Cape Wrath) on the 8th March 1941 while flying Hudson T9334 which claimed the lives of two of the crew. One was recovered from the water before being buried at sea and the other was never found. One other airman, Sergeant Willaim Dodds survived the crash though he was himself killed on the 7th December 1941 while still with No.269 Sqn, he is buried in the Icelandic capital Reykjavik.

Sergeant Nevett Marshall later received a commission becoming a Flight Lieutenant by 1944.

At around the same time as T9292 was abandoned near Brora another aircraft from Wick, Whitley P5070 from No.612 Squadron crashed on East Scaraben to the north of Helmsdale further along the coast.

Remaining wreckage at the crash site Lockheed Hudson T9292 near Brora, Sutherland
The two remaining fragments that I found from the aircraft, they were separated by about 10 yards and both are clearly from an aircraft.
Grave of Pilot Officer Aubyn John Mathie Adolphus at Wick Cemetery, killed in the crash of Lockheed Hudson T9292 near Brora, Sutherland
The the airmen who died as a result of the incident were buried in different cemeteries, P/O Adolphus was buried in Wick Cemetery close to the air station they were flying from.