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Aircraft Wrecks: The Walker's Guide

Aircraft Wrecks The Walkers Guide - Cover - Peak District Air Accident Research

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About This Site:

I (Alan Clark) started this site back in October 2000 to detail visits that I was making to aircraft crash sites in the Peak District. Since that time it has undergone a number of changes finally becoming the Peak District Air Accident Research website during 2004. The focus of this site is still largely about detailing aircraft crash sites that we have visited, both in the Peak District and the rest of UK, but also includes some of the results of the 1000s of hours of research that we have jointly undertaken. Over time details of some of the joint projects we have undertaken with the Lancashire Aircraft Investigation Team will also appear.

RB-29A 44-61999 crash site Higher Shelf Stones, Bleaklow, copyright - Peak District Air Accident Research

This picture was taken at the crash site of RB-29A 44-61999 "Over Exposed" near Glossop in the Peak District. This was the very first site I visited in February 1999, this photo was taken during a later visit.


peak district crash sites - Crash sites and aircraft related incidents in the Peak District. (Also available as a map)


 - Crash sites visited in other areas of the UK.

projects - Some of the projects we have carried out or taken part in.

links - Links to other aviation websites and ones relating to the subject.

aircraft wrecks: the walker's guide - Our book about crash sites throughout the country.

recommended books - Books about aircraft accidents.

the peak district - A short description of the area.

roll of honour - Details of all those who lost their lives in flying accidents in and around the Peak District.

meet the team - The willing and not so willing participants in our exploits.

updates - List of all updates to the site since 19th Jan 2003

references - Sources of information used in the creation of this site

safety & legal


Recent Additions:

Blenheim L9261 (Scotland)

Typhoon MN532 (Scotland)

Battle K7589 (Wales)

Anson VV955 (Wales)

Oxford DF471 (Pennines)

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