Crash site of Bristol Fighter J8432 on Matlock Moor, Derbyshire the day the aircraft crashed

16th July 1928
Bristol Fighter Mk.III J8432
No.8 AC Flt, RAF
Matlock, Derbyshire

The aircraft was one of the last 30 Bristol Fighters to be built, all 30 being the dual control trainer version, on this occasion the pilot was flying the aircraft … Continue reading “1928-07-16|Bristol Fighter Mk.III|J8432|No.8 AC Flt, RAF|Matlock, Derbyshire”

Crash site of Bristol Bulldog K3939 at Onecote near Leek, Staffordshire

26th November 1934
Bulldog T.M. K3939
Onecote, Leek

The aircraft dived into the ground shortly after being abandoned by its pilot who had become lost in cloud. He had been part of a formation of Bulldog aircraft from … Continue reading “1934-11-26|Bulldog T.M.|K3939|No.3 FTS, RAF|Onecote, Leek”

Bristol Bulldog at the Royal Air Force Museum, Hendon

4th January 1936
Bulldog T.M. K3936
Butterton, Leek

The pilot of the aircraft was on a solo training flight from RAF Grantham when the aircraft’s Jupiter engine failed. LAC Maurice-Gwillyn attempted to force land in a field on … Continue reading “1936-01-04|Bulldog T.M.|K3936|No.3 FTS, RAF|Butterton, Leek”

Wreckage at the crash site of Bristol Blenheim L1252 on Staple Moss, Hargill Beck, Teesdale

28th October 1938
Blenheim Mk.I L1252
No.34 Sqn, RAF
Hargill Beck, County Durham

Blenheim Mk.I L1252 / H of No.34 Squadron crashed on Staple Moss around the head of Hargill Beck to the South East of Mickle Fell in the North Pennines on the 26th October 1938 while on a training flight from RAF Upper Heyford in Oxfordshire   John Owen Sowerbutts Pilot Officer Pilot Killed William Ashbridge … Continue reading “1938-10-28|Blenheim Mk.I|L1252|No.34 Sqn, RAF|Hargill Beck, County Durham”

Crash site of Bristol Blenheim Mk.I L1476 on Sykes Moor, Bleaklow

30th January 1939
Blenheim Mk.I L1476
No.64 Sqn, RAF
Sykes Moor, Bleaklow

The crew had taken off from Church Fenton to carryout a local flying exercise, both of the crew where fairly new to the Squadron and Church Fenton so were familiarising … Continue reading “1939-01-30|Blenheim Mk.I|L1476|No.64 Sqn, RAF|Sykes Moor, Bleaklow”

Engine at the crash site of Blenheim P4848 on the lower slopes of Ben Inner, Carsphairn

8th November 1939
Blenheim Mk.IV P4848
Special Duties Flight, RAF
Ben Inner, Dumfries & Galloway

During the 8th November 1939 the Special Duties Flight, a unit which was testing radio and radar equipment among other things for the Air Ministry Research Establishment, were ferrying 5 … Continue reading “1939-11-08|Blenheim Mk.IV|P4848|Special Duties Flight, RAF|Ben Inner, Dumfries & Galloway”

Bristol Blenheim Mk.IV

17th November 1940
Blenheim Mk.I L6800
No.2 SoAC, RAF
Monyash, Derbyshire

The pilot was on a cross country navigation flight from Andover to Desford near Leicester and back to Andover when he became lost in poor visibility, he had wandered some … Continue reading “1940-11-17|Blenheim Mk.I|L6800|No.2 SoAC, RAF|Monyash, Derbyshire”

View towards the crash site of Bristol Blenheim Mk.IV T1884 on Harrop Edge, Matley

27th November 1940
Blenheim Mk.IV T1884
No.105 Sqn, RAF
Harrop Edge, Matley

While returning from operations against Koln, the crew flew into extensive low cloud which prevented them from landing at their home station of Swanton Morley in Norfolk. The crew flew … Continue reading “1940-11-27|Blenheim Mk.IV|T1884|No.105 Sqn, RAF|Harrop Edge, Matley”

Bristol Blenheim Mk.IV

3rd December 1940
Blenheim Mk.I K7172
No.29 Sqn, RAF
Wooley Bridge, Glossop

Bristol Blenheim Mk.IV

26th January 1941
Blenheim Mk.IV Z5746
Ox Stones, Ringinglow

The crew were on a night cross country navigation flight from Catfoss in Yorkshire when the aircraft flew into Burbage Moor near Ringinglow. The aircraft was recorded as having strayed … Continue reading “1941-01-26|Blenheim Mk.IV|Z5746|No.2 OTU, RAF|Ox Stones, Ringinglow”

Wreckage at the crash site of Bristol Blenheim K7076 on Arnagill Moor, Pateley Bridge, Yorkshire

27th January 1941
Blenheim Mk.I K7076
No.54 OTU, RAF
Arnagill Moor, North Yorkshire

The pilot of the aircraft was on a training flight from RAF Church Fenton when the aircraft crashed on Arnagill Moor between Pateley Bridge and Colsterdale. P/O Graham was later … Continue reading “1941-01-27|Blenheim Mk.I|K7076|No.54 OTU, RAF|Arnagill Moor, North Yorkshire”

Bristol Blenheim Mk.IV

3rd July 1941
Blenheim Mk.IV Z5870
No.12 Group AAC Flt, RAF
Crowden Tower, Edale

Sgt Plotek was flying to aircraft from RAF Digby in Lincolnshire to Ringway, he was accompanied by three personnel from Digby who were visiting Manchester on leave, and flew into … Continue reading “1941-07-03|Blenheim Mk.IV|Z5870|No.12 Group AAC Flt, RAF|Crowden Tower, Edale”

Crash site of Bristol Blenheim Mk.IV Z7646 on Bowbeat Hill, Moorfoot Hills, Peebles, Scottish Border

30th July 1941
Blenheim Mk.IV Z7646
No.18 MU, RAF
Bowbeat Hill, Borders

No.18 Maintenance Unit were stationed at RAF Dumfries where they prepared aircraft for active service, they had large numbers of aircraft on charge at any one time and so stored … Continue reading “1941-07-30|Blenheim Mk.IV|Z7646|No.18 MU, RAF|Bowbeat Hill, Borders”

Crash site of Bristol Blenheim Mk.IV L9261 on Sandness Hill, Walls, Shetland

3rd September 1941
Blenheim Mk.IV L9261
No.235 Sqn, RAF
Sandness Hill, Shetland

The crew of the aircraft had taken off from RAF Sumburgh at the southern end of the Shetland Mainland at 22:00 on the 2nd September 1941 to carry out an … Continue reading “1941-09-03|Blenheim Mk.IV|L9261|No.235 Sqn, RAF|Sandness Hill, Shetland”

Crash site of Bristol Beaufort L4479 on Goat Fell, Isle of Arran

30th August 1942
Beaufort Mk.I L4479
Goat Fell, Isle of Arran

The crew of the aircraft were on a training flight from RAF Turnberry to the South of Ayr on the evening of the 30th August 1942. An hour and forty … Continue reading “1942-08-30|Beaufort Mk.I|L4479|No.5 OTU, RAF|Goat Fell, Isle of Arran”

Crash site of Bristol Blenheim N3567 close to Ashbourne Airfield, Derbyshire

7th November 1942
Blenheim Mk.IV N3567
No.42 OTU, RAF
Ashbourne, Derbyshire

At 23:40 on the 7th November 1942 N3567 took off from Ashbourne on a local training flight, the aircraft was barely airborne when it suffered an engine failure and stalled. … Continue reading “1942-11-07|Blenheim Mk.IV|N3567|No.42 OTU, RAF|Ashbourne, Derbyshire”

The crash site of Bristol Beaufort Mk.I DX118 on Brownhart Law, Cheviot Hills, Northumberland

23rd February 1943
Beaufort Mk.I DX118
No.16 FPP, ATA
Brownhart Law, Northumberland

The aircraft was collected from No.44 Maintenance Unit at RAF Edzell with the intention of it being delivered, along with four other Beauforts, to No.5 OTU at RAF Long Kesh … Continue reading “1943-02-23|Beaufort Mk.I|DX118|No.16 FPP, ATA|Brownhart Law, Northumberland”

Crash site of Bristol Blenheim Mk.IV V6099 on Elidir Fawr, Llanberis

31st March 1943
Blenheim Mk.IV V6099
No.13 OTU, RAF
Elidir Fawr, Gwynedd

The crew of the aircraft were carrying out a day cross country navigation exercise from RAF Bicester in Oxfordshire during the 31st March 1943. At some point during the flight … Continue reading “1943-03-31|Blenheim Mk.IV|V6099|No.13 OTU, RAF|Elidir Fawr, Gwynedd”

Crash site of Bristol Blenheim Mk.IV V6078 of No.42 OTU at Spitewinter near Matlock

7th April 1943
Blenheim Mk.IV V6078
No.42 OTU, RAF
Spitewinter, Matlock

The crew was on a night navigation exercise from Ashbourne, having completed most of the exercise they were heading in a southerly direction at low level when the aircraft struck … Continue reading “1943-04-07|Blenheim Mk.IV|V6078|No.42 OTU, RAF|Spitewinter, Matlock”

Wreckage at the crash site of Bristol Beaufighter Mk.I R2152 on Urra Moor, North Yorkshire

28th April 1943
Beaufighter Mk.I R2152
Urra Moor, Chop Gate

The crew were on a training flight from RAF Catfoss in East Yorkshire when the aircraft crashed into the heather moor land on Urra Moor causing the it to completely … Continue reading “1943-04-28|Beaufighter Mk.I|R2152|No.2 OTU, RAF|Urra Moor, Chop Gate”

Wreckage at the crash site of Bristol Beaufighter JM223 on Croglin Fell, Penrith, Cumbria

4th July 1943
Beaufighter T.F. Mk.X JM223
No.9 (C)OTU, RAF
Croglin Fell, Cumbria

Bristol Beaufighter T. F. Mk.X JM223 of No.9 (Coastal) Operational Training Unit, dived into the ground on Croglin Fell in the North Pennines to the east of Carlisle on the 4th July 1943 while on a training flight from Crosby on Eden near Carlisle   Herman Joe Carver Flying Officer RCAF Pilot Killed Roderick Alfred … Continue reading “1943-07-04|Beaufighter T.F. Mk.X|JM223|No.9 (C)OTU, RAF|Croglin Fell, Cumbria”

Crash site of Bristol Blenheim Mk.V AZ876 near Belper. Derbyshire

9th July 1943
Blenheim Mk.V AZ876
No.42 OTU, RAF
Belper, Derbyshire

The aircraft had taken off from Ashbourne at 01:30 for a practise bombing exercise at the range then in use between Carsington and Brassington, some twenty minutes later while flying … Continue reading “1943-07-09|Blenheim Mk.V|AZ876|No.42 OTU, RAF|Belper, Derbyshire”

Wreckage at the crash site of Bristol Beaufighter Mk.X LX946 on Maol Mheadhion, Isle of Islay

12th September 1943
Beaufighter T.F. Mk.X LX946
No.304 FTU, RAF
Maol Mheadhion, Isle of Islay

The aircraft was one of a number of Beaufighters whose crews had been tasked with a long distance night cross country exercise, they were taking off at after 03:00, LX946 … Continue reading “1943-09-12|Beaufighter T.F. Mk.X|LX946|No.304 FTU, RAF|Maol Mheadhion, Isle of Islay”

Aircraft wreckage at the crash site of Bristol Beaufighter Mk.X LZ455 on Beinn Breach, Mull of Kintyre

30th October 1943
Beaufighter T.F. Mk.X LZ455
Beinn Breach, Kintyre

Bristol Beaufighter T.F. Mk.X LZ455 of No.2 Overseas Aircraft Preparation Unit flew into high ground on Beinn Breach on the Mull of Kintyre on the 30th October 1943, the aircraft was being ferried from Filton to Port Ellen   Kenneth John Nixon Flying Officer Pilot Killed Angelo Benito Solari Sergeant Navigator Killed  

Crash site of Beaufighter NE203 near Worlds End, Llangollen

3rd November 1943
Beaufighter T.F. Mk.X NE203
World’s End, Wrexham

The aircraft, a brand new Beaufighter Mk.X, was being ferried from the Bristol factory at Weston-Super-Mare to RAF Kirkbride in Cumbria when it dived into the ground on moorland near … Continue reading “1943-11-03|Beaufighter T.F. Mk.X|NE203|No.2 FPP, ATA|World’s End, Wrexham”

crash site of Bristol Beaufighter EL285 on Wolf Crag near Keswick in the Lake District

15th November 1943
Beaufighter Mk.VIC EL285
Wolf Crag, Threlkeld

The two crew were on a night navigation training exercise from RAF Crosby-on-Eden, near Carlisle, when they strayed into the high ground in the north east of the Lake District. … Continue reading “1943-11-15|Beaufighter Mk.VIC|EL285|No.9 OTU, RAF|Wolf Crag, Threlkeld”

Crash site of Bristol Beaufighter Mk.X NE309 on Sunderland Hill, Bruichladdich, Isle of Islay

1st January 1944
Beaufighter T.F. Mk.X NE309
No.304 FTU, RAF
Sunderland Hill, Isle of Islay

The two crew of NE309 were carrying out a local flying exercise from RAF Port Ellen when their aircraft struck the ground on the boggy low moorland of Sunderland Hill … Continue reading “1944-01-01|Beaufighter T.F. Mk.X|NE309|No.304 FTU, RAF|Sunderland Hill, Isle of Islay”

Undercarriage from Bristol Blenheim BA246, Bleasdale Fell, Lancashire

9th August 1944
Blenheim Mk.V BA246
No.12 (P)AFU, RAF
Bleasdale Fell, Lancashire

Blenheim Mk.V BA246 of No.12 (Pilot) Advanced Flying Unit flew into Bleasdale Fell in the Forest of Bowland whilst on a training flight from RAF Woodvale near Southport on the 9th August 1944   Donald Llewellyn Edmonds Flight Sergeant Pilot (Pupil) Killed James Cartmell Stones Flight Sergeant Pilot (Pupil) Killed  

22nd March 1945
Blenheim Mk.IV Z7356
No.526 Sqn, RAF
Braeriach, Aberdeenshire

On the 22nd March 1945 Blenheim Z7356 of No.526 Squadron left RAF Digby in Lincolnshire with a crew of three and three passengers bound for Longman airfield on the edge … Continue reading “1945-03-22|Blenheim Mk.IV|Z7356|No.526 Sqn, RAF|Braeriach, Aberdeenshire”

Bristol 170 Freighter / Wayfarer G-AICS

27th February 1958
Bristol Freighter G-AICS
Silver City Airways
Winter Hill, Lancashire

Edward Partington died in Bolton Royal Infirmary shortly after the crash as a result of the injuries he had suffered in the crash.