Bristol Mercury engine from Blenheim Mk.IV L9039 at the Craig yr Ysfa cliffs

8th April 1940
Blenheim Mk.IV L9039
No.13 OTU, RAF
Craig yr Ysfa, Conwy

The aircraft was on a formation cross country flight with two other Blenheim aircraft when it flew into the top of Craig yr Ysfa, after contact was lost with the … Continue reading “1940-04-08|Blenheim Mk.IV|L9039|No.13 OTU, RAF|Craig yr Ysfa, Conwy”

Wreckage at the crash site of Wellington DV800 on Carnedd Dafydd / Llewelyn

19th July 1942
Wellington Mk.IC DV800
No.27 OTU, RAF
Black Ladders, Gwynedd

The crew were on a day-time cross county navigation exercise from RAF Lichfield, one leg of the flight took the aircraft from Holyhead to Rhyl. It was thought by the … Continue reading “1942-07-19|Wellington Mk.IC|DV800|No.27 OTU, RAF|Black Ladders, Gwynedd”

Crash site of Whitley BD232 on Foel Fras near Llyn Dulyn, Carneddau

25th September 1942
Whitley Mk.V BD232
No.24 OTU, RAF
Foel Fras, Conwy

The crew of BD232 were on a night cross country flight from Honeybourne near Evesham in Worcestershire with its outward leg being over Wales and out over the Irish Sea … Continue reading “1942-09-25|Whitley Mk.V|BD232|No.24 OTU, RAF|Foel Fras, Conwy”

Wreckage at the crash site of Douglas Boston Z2186 on Carnedd Dafydd, Snowdonia, Wales

17th October 1942
Boston Mk.III Z2186
No.418 Sqn, RCAF
Carnedd Dafydd, Gwynedd

The interesting fact that I noticed with the crew was that two of them were navigators, since Air Observer was the term used used for the combined role of navigator … Continue reading “1942-10-17|Boston Mk.III|Z2186|No.418 Sqn, RCAF|Carnedd Dafydd, Gwynedd”

Wreckage at the crash site of Avro Anson EG110 on Foel Grach, the Carneddau, Snowdonia

14th January 1943
Anson Mk.I EG110
No.9 (O)AFU, RAF
Foel Grach, Conwy

The crew of the aircraft were on a night navigation training exercise from RAF Llandwrog near to Caernarfon, while on the return leg from Shrewsbury at 21:00 the aircraft struck … Continue reading “1943-01-14|Anson Mk.I|EG110|No.9 (O)AFU, RAF|Foel Grach, Conwy”

Crash site of Vickers Wellington HE466 on Foel Grach in the Carneddau area of Snowdonia

12th February 1943
Wellington Mk.X HE466
No.30 OTU, RAF
Foel Grach, Conwy

The crew of Wellington HE466 were on a cross country navigation training flight from RAF Hixon near Stafford when they flew into the north eastern side of Foel Grach in … Continue reading “1943-02-12|Wellington Mk.X|HE466|No.30 OTU, RAF|Foel Grach, Conwy”

Lockheed Hudson at the Royal Air Force Museum

18th August 1943
Ventura Mk.I AE688
No.464 Sqn, RAAF
Carnedd Dafydd, Gwynedd

The crew were on a night navigation training exercise from No.464 Sqn’s home station of Methwold in Norfolk. They had taken off during the late evening of the 18th August … Continue reading “1943-08-18|Ventura Mk.I|AE688|No.464 Sqn, RAAF|Carnedd Dafydd, Gwynedd”

Crash site of Avro Anson Mk.I N5371 on Foel Fras, Conwy

23rd August 1943
Anson Mk.I N5371
No.9 (O)AFU, RAF
Foel Fras, Conwy

The crew where on a daytime navigation training flight from Llandwrog near Caernarvon, during the the return leg from Shrewsbury while in cloud, and shortly before 10:30am, the pilot saw a … Continue reading “1943-08-23|Anson Mk.I|N5371|No.9 (O)AFU, RAF|Foel Fras, Conwy”

Wreckage at the crash site of Blackburn Botha L6202 on Llwytmor

28th August 1943
Botha Mk.I L6202
No.11 RS, RAF
Llwytmor, Gwynedd

No.11 Radio School at Hooton Park was responsible for the training of new wireless operators through a course of ground school and airborne practice. On the 28th August 1943 L6202 … Continue reading “1943-08-28|Botha Mk.I|L6202|No.11 RS, RAF|Llwytmor, Gwynedd”

Wreckage near Ffynnon Lloer from Avro Anson Mk.I N9855

8th November 1943
Anson Mk.I N9855
No.3 (O)AFU, RAF
Pen yr Ole Wen, Gwynedd

The aircraft and crew were stationed at RAF Halfpenny Green to the south west of Wolverhampton. During the evening of the 8th November 1943 to crew of five took off … Continue reading “1943-11-08|Anson Mk.I|N9855|No.3 (O)AFU, RAF|Pen yr Ole Wen, Gwynedd”

Aircraft wreckage at the crash site of Avro Anson EF909 on Foel Grach, the Carneddau, Snowdonia

30th November 1943
Anson Mk.I EF909
Foel Grach, Conwy

The crew were on a night cross country navigation exercise from their home base of Jurby, on the northern plain of the Isle of Man. Most routes flown from Jurby … Continue reading “1943-11-30|Anson Mk.I|EF909|No.5 AOS, RAF|Foel Grach, Conwy”

Crash site of Consolidated B-24J 42-99991 / Bachelors Baby on Moelfre, Penmaenmawr, Conwy

7th January 1944
B-24J 42-99991
Moelfre, Conwy

The aircraft was being delivered from the United States to the UK, its crew had flown across the Atlantic via the Southern route, a route frequently used in the winter … Continue reading “1944-01-07|B-24J|42-99991|8th AF, USAAF|Moelfre, Conwy”

The crash site of Avro Anson LT433 above Llyn Cowlyd during the 1960s

20th February 1944
Anson Mk.I LT433
Llyn Cowlyd, Conwy

The crew were to fly an hourglass shaped route from Cark on the northern side of Morecambe Bay with three intermediate waypoints before returning to Cark. The first leg was … Continue reading “1944-02-20|Anson Mk.I|LT433|SPTU, RAF|Llyn Cowlyd, Conwy”

The crash site of Avro Anson MG804 on Foel Fras, the Carneddau

12th July 1944
Anson Mk.I MG804
No.8 (O)AFU, RAF
Foel Fras, Conwy

The crew of the aircraft were on a night navigation training exercise from RAF Mona on Anglesey (now a satellite to RAF Valley). At approximately 02:00 the aircraft struck Foel … Continue reading “1944-07-12|Anson Mk.I|MG804|No.8 (O)AFU, RAF|Foel Fras, Conwy”

Cliffs of Craig y Dulyn with the crash site of C-47 43-48473 part way up

11th November 1944
C-47B 43-48473
Craig y Dulyn, Conwy

The crew were flying the aircraft from Le Borget airport near Paris to Burtonwood in Cheshire. They had departed at 08:30 (local) on the 11th November with a flight of … Continue reading “1944-11-11|C-47B|43-48473|27th ATG, USAAF|Craig y Dulyn, Conwy”

Propeller hub near the crash site of Avro Lincoln RF511 on Carnedd Llewelyn, Gwynedd, Wales - Copyright Peak District Air Accident Research

15th March 1950
Lincoln B. Mk.2 RF511
No.230 OCU, RAF
Carnedd Llewelyn, Gwynedd

During the night of the 14th / 15th March 1950 a number of Lincolns took off on cross country exercise from RAF Hemswell and RAF Scampton, one of these aircraft … Continue reading “1950-03-15|Lincoln B. Mk.2|RF511|No.230 OCU, RAF|Carnedd Llewelyn, Gwynedd”

Crater at the crash site of de Havilland Vampire VV601 near Llyn Eigiau, the Carneddau, Snowdonia

19th April 1956
Vampire F.B. Mk.5 VV601
Nr Llyn Eigiau, Conwy

The pilot, 19 year old Fleet Air Arm trainee Robert Armitage, was undergoing advanced flying training at No.7 FTS at RAF Valley, having previously trained on Provosts at No.1 FTS … Continue reading “1956-04-19|Vampire F.B. Mk.5|VV601|No.7 FTS, RAF|Nr Llyn Eigiau, Conwy”

Wreckage near the crash site of Auster A.O.P. Mk.6 VF554 in the 1960s

21st October 1956
Auster A.O.P. Mk.6 VF554
No.663 Sqn, RAuxAF
Aber Falls, Gwynedd

The aircraft was assigned to an RAuxAF Squadron but on the flight that ended in this crash was being flown by a Territorial Army pilot from the Royal Artillery. He … Continue reading “1956-10-21|Auster A.O.P. Mk.6|VF554|No.663 Sqn, RAuxAF|Aber Falls, Gwynedd”

Aircraft wreckage, at Ffynnon Llyffant, near the crash site on Carnedd Llewelyn (Snowdonia) of English Electric Canberra WK129

9th December 1957
Canberra B. Mk.2 WK129
Radar Research Establishment, RAF
Carnedd Llewelyn, Conwy

The crew were taking part in testing in conjuction with a Ministry of Supply radar unit positioned on the summit of near by Drum. After completing the test Flt Lt … Continue reading “1957-12-09|Canberra B. Mk.2|WK129|Radar Research Establishment, RAF|Carnedd Llewelyn, Conwy”

Crash site of Avro Anson VV955 on Tal y Fan, Conwy

20th May 1959
Anson Mk.21 VV955
Foel Lwyd, Conwy

The Coastal Command Communications Flight was attached to the Headquarters of RAF Coastal Command to provide transport for staff. On the 20th May 1959 Flight Lieutenant Hart with Flying Officer … Continue reading “1959-05-20|Anson Mk.21|VV955|CCCF, RAF|Foel Lwyd, Conwy”

Crash site of Jodel DR250 G-AVIV on Carnedd Dafydd, Conwy

22nd August 1969
Jodel DR250 G-AVIV
Staverton Flying School Ltd
Carnedd Dafydd, Conwy

The aircraft had been hired by a member of the flying club at Staverton between Cheltenham & Gloucester to fly to Dublin with a passenger on a business trip. Originally … Continue reading “1969-08-22|Jodel DR250|G-AVIV|Staverton Flying School Ltd|Carnedd Dafydd, Conwy”