Wreckage at the crash site of Consolidated Catalina AH533 on the slopes of Cruach na Seilcheig, Jura

15th July 1941
Catalina Mk.I AH533
No.210 Sqn, RAF
Cruach na Seilcheigh, Isle of Jura

The aircraft, normally stationed at Oban, had been to Helensburgh for an overhaul. Once this was completed the aircraft was to be ferried back to Oban. When the aircraft approached … Continue reading “1941-07-15|Catalina Mk.I|AH533|No.210 Sqn, RAF|Cruach na Seilcheigh, Isle of Jura”

Impact point of Consolidated LB-30A Liberator AM261 on Mullach Buidhe near Goat Fell on the Isle of Arran

10th August 1941
LB-30A Liberator AM261
Mullach Buidhe, Isle of Arran

The aircraft had take off from Heathfield (Ayr) to fly to Gander in eastern Canada with ferry crews onboard with the intention of those crews ferrying new aircraft back across … Continue reading “1941-08-10|LB-30A Liberator|AM261|ATFERO, RAFFC|Mullach Buidhe, Isle of Arran”

crash site of Catalina Z2148 on Willa-mina Hoga, Isle of Yell, Shetland

19th January 1942
Catalina Mk.I Z2148
No.240 Sqn, RAF
Isle of Yell, Shetland

The crew of the aircraft had flown from their normal home station of RAF Castle Archdale on Lough Erne to RAF Invergordon on the Cromarty Firth north of Inverness before … Continue reading “1942-01-19|Catalina Mk.I|Z2148|No.240 Sqn, RAF|Isle of Yell, Shetland”

Wreckage at the crash site of Consolidated Liberator AL624 on Drigmorn Hill, near Newton Stewart

14th September 1942
Liberator Mk.II AL624
No.1653 HCU, RAF
Drigmorn Hill, Dumfries & Galloway

The aircraft was stationed at RAF Burn in Yorkshire, its crew were briefed, along with 3 other crews (those of Liberators AL597, AL625 & AL635) to carry out a cross … Continue reading “1942-09-14|Liberator Mk.II|AL624|No.1653 HCU, RAF|Drigmorn Hill, Dumfries & Galloway”

Wreckage at the crash site of B-24 42-41030 on Beinn Nuis, Isle of Arran

20th August 1943
B-24D 42-41030
Knox Prov. Group, USAAF
Beinn Nuis, Isle of Arran

Consolidated B-24D Liberator 42-41030 flew into Beinn Nuis on the Isle of Arran on the 20th August 1943 The aircraft was not assigned to any specific unit but was part … Continue reading “1943-08-20|B-24D|42-41030|Knox Prov. Group, USAAF|Beinn Nuis, Isle of Arran”

Crash site of B-24D 42-72851 on Li a Tuath, Lochmaddy, North Uist

15th September 1943
B-24D 42-72851
Bridges Prov. Group, USAAF
Li a Tuath, North Uist

The aircraft, which had only recently come off the production line at San Diego, was being ferried across the Atlantic, at the time of the crossing it had not been … Continue reading “1943-09-15|B-24D|42-72851|Bridges Prov. Group, USAAF|Li a Tuath, North Uist”

Undercarriage oleo at the crash site of Consolidated PB4Y-1 63949 on Broken Ground, Mossley

18th December 1943
PB4Y-1 Liberator 63934
VB110, USN
Broken Ground, Mossley

The crew had been carrying out an anti U-Boat patrol over the Bay of Biscay from their home station at Dunkeswell in Devon. On returning they found that the station … Continue reading “1943-12-18|PB4Y-1 Liberator|63934|VB110, USN|Broken Ground, Mossley”

Crash site of Consolidated B-24J 42-99991 / Bachelors Baby on Moelfre, Penmaenmawr, Conwy

7th January 1944
B-24J 42-99991
Moelfre, Conwy

The aircraft was being delivered from the United States to the UK, its crew had flown across the Atlantic via the Southern route, a route frequently used in the winter … Continue reading “1944-01-07|B-24J|42-99991|8th AF, USAAF|Moelfre, Conwy”

Crash site of Consolidated Catalina JX210, Hill of Garth, Sullom Voe, Shetland

25th March 1944
Catalina Mk.IVA JX210
No.210 Sqn, RAF
Hill of Garth, Shetland Islands

Catalina JX210 was flying from the seaplane base in Sullom Voe at the northern end of Mainland in the Shetland Islands on an air test when it stalled and dived … Continue reading “1944-03-25|Catalina Mk.IVA|JX210|No.210 Sqn, RAF|Hill of Garth, Shetland Islands”

Small pieces of wreckage at the crash site of Consolidated B-24 Liberator 42-51202 on Snaefell, Laxey, Isle of Man

8th June 1944
B-24H 42-51202
Snaefell, Laxey

The aircraft was being ferried from BAD 2 at Warton in Lancashire to Langford Lodge in Northern Ireland during the mid evening of the 8th June 1944.  While flying in … Continue reading “1944-06-08|B-24H|42-51202|27th ATG, USAAF|Snaefell, Laxey”

Wrecked aircraft in a photograph from the accident report, Consolidated B-24 42-52625, Brown Edge, Staffordshire

15th August 1944
B-24H 42-52625
406th BS, USAAF
Brown Edge, Endon

After take off from Warton the crew could not raise the aircraft’s undercarriage, while attempting to resolve this problem the aircraft stated to bank to the left and lose height, … Continue reading “1944-08-15|B-24H|42-52625|406th BS, USAAF|Brown Edge, Endon”

Crash site of Consolidated B-24H 42-94841 on Twizle Head Moss, Holmfirth

9th October 1944
B-24H 42-94841
492nd BG, USAAF
Twizle Head Moss, Holmfirth

The crew were on a cross country training flight from their home station at Harrington, near Kettering. The route was to have been Base – Goole – Huddersfield – Stafford … Continue reading “1944-10-09|B-24H|42-94841|492nd BG, USAAF|Twizle Head Moss, Holmfirth”

Remains of a Pratt & Whitney Twin Wasp engine at the crash site of Consolidated B-24 Liberator 42-52003, Mill Hill, Hayfield, Derbyshire

11th October 1944
B-24J 42-52003
Mill Hill, Glossop

The aircraft was being ferried from Burtonwood to Hardwick by a two man ferry crew on the 11th October 1944, the two men took off in the aircraft from Burtonwood … Continue reading “1944-10-11|B-24J|42-52003|27th ATG, USAAF|Mill Hill, Glossop”

Alan with wreckage at the crash site of Consolidated Liberator FL949, Cuilags, Island of Hoy, Orkney

1st January 1945
Liberator Mk.V FL949
No.311 Sqn, RAF
Cuilags, Orkney

The aircraft was returning to Wick, though the Squadron was stationed further down the coast at Tain, from an uneventful anti-submarine patrol in near arctic conditions, with low cloud, high … Continue reading “1945-01-01|Liberator Mk.V|FL949|No.311 Sqn, RAF|Cuilags, Orkney”

Burnt scar at the crash site of B-24J 42-100322 on Burn Fell near Slaidburn, Lancashire

2nd January 1945
B-24J 42-100322
448th BG, USAAF
Burn Fell, Lancashire

The aircraft was being ferried from Seething in Norfolk to BAD2 at Warton near Preston, most of the passengers were a second aircrew who were going to fly another aircraft … Continue reading “1945-01-02|B-24J|42-100322|448th BG, USAAF|Burn Fell, Lancashire”

Crash site of Consolidated B-24 Liberator 42-50668 on Black Hameldon near Burnley, Lancashire

19th February 1945
B-24J 42-50668
491st BG, USAAF
Black Hameldon, Lancashire

A number of the crew and passengers were buried at Cambridge American Cemetery.

Scattered parts at the crash site on Goodman's Cairn, Stranraer

12th June 1945
B-24M 44-50695
448th BG, USAAF
Goodman’s Cairn, Dumfries & Galloway

The aircraft was one a large number of B-24s which were to be returned by air to the United States following the end of the war in Europe. On the … Continue reading “1945-06-12|B-24M|44-50695|448th BG, USAAF|Goodman’s Cairn, Dumfries & Galloway”

Main crash site of B-24H 42-95095 on Sidhean Mor near Gairloch, overlooking the Fairy Lochans

13th June 1945
B-24H 42-95095
44th BG, USAAF
Sidhean Mor, Wester Ross

Throughout the summer of 1945 the USAAF was re-positioning personnel, either for demobilisation in the USA or to the Pacific for the continuing war against Japan. Many aircrew were returned … Continue reading “1945-06-13|B-24H|42-95095|44th BG, USAAF|Sidhean Mor, Wester Ross”

The main crash site of Consolidated B-24H 41-29369 near Tarskavaig, Isle of Skye

23rd July 1945
B-24H 41-29369
Tarskavaig, Isle of Skye

41-29369 was one of many aircraft that following the end of the war in Europe was being used to take aircrews back to the United States.  The aircraft were typically … Continue reading “1945-07-23|B-24H|41-29369|BAD 2, USAAF|Tarskavaig, Isle of Skye”