Crash site of Fairey Battle K7589 on Pumlumon Cwmbiga, Hafren Forest, Powys

6th October 1938
Battle K7589
No.226 Sqn, RAF
Pumlumon Cwmbiga, Powys

The crew were on a cross country flight from Harwell to Bardsey Island and back when they entered poor weather over mid-Wales. To the west of Llanidloes P/O MacEwan lost … Continue reading “1938-10-06|Battle|K7589|No.226 Sqn, RAF|Pumlumon Cwmbiga, Powys”

The crash site of Fairey Swordfish P4223 at Heydon Head, Black Hill

25th January 1940
Swordfish Mk.I P4223
No.751 Sqn, RN
Heydon Head, Derbyshire

On the 25th January 1940 Sub Lt Williamson took off from RAF Silloth in Cumbria along with three other aircraft to ferry P4223 from No.22 Maintenance Unit to Royal Naval … Continue reading “1940-01-25|Swordfish Mk.I|P4223|No.751 Sqn, RN|Heydon Head, Derbyshire”

Memorial at the crash site of Fairey Battle Mk.I L5499 in woodland at Calverton, Nottinghamshire

13th October 1940
Battle Mk.I L5499
No.300 Sqn, RAF
Calverton, Nottinghamshire

The crew were on a sortie from RAF Swinderby, along with five other aircraft from the Squadron, to attack the harbour and shipping at Calais. They had taken off at … Continue reading “1940-10-13|Battle Mk.I|L5499|No.300 Sqn, RAF|Calverton, Nottinghamshire”

Fairey Battle Mk.I at the Royal Air Force Museum

24th August 1941
Battle Mk.I K9221
No.16 FTS, RAF
Dore, Sheffield

Wreckage at the crash site of Fairey Albacore BF592 on Mel Fae, Rackwick, Isle of Hoy

24th June 1942
Albacore Mk.I BF592
No.871 Sqn, RN
Mel Fea, Orkney

The aircraft was flying to RNAS Hatson near Kirkwall, the main town on Orkney, from Evanton on the Cromarty Firth near Inverness on the Scottish mainland. The aircraft was to … Continue reading “1942-06-24|Albacore Mk.I|BF592|No.871 Sqn, RN|Mel Fea, Orkney”

Crash site of Fairey Albacore Mk.i X9152 at Carr House Green, Lancashire

22nd October 1943
Albacore Mk.I X9152
No.766 Sqn, RN
Carr House Green Common, Lancashire

The crew was on a night training flight from RNAS Inskip between Preston and Blackpool and had taken off from the No.4 runway at approximately 22:30. Shortly after getting airborne … Continue reading “1943-10-22|Albacore Mk.I|X9152|No.766 Sqn, RN|Carr House Green Common, Lancashire”

Rolls Royce Griffon engine from Fairey Firefly DT977 on Blaeloch Hill near Largs

26th October 1944
Firefly F.R. Mk.I DT977
No.1770 Sqn, RN
Blaeloch Hill, Ayrshire

During the morning of the 26th October 1944 the Sub Lts Fairclough and King were on a radio navigation training exercise from RNAS Ayr (HMS Wagtail) before embarking on HMS … Continue reading “1944-10-26|Firefly F.R. Mk.I|DT977|No.1770 Sqn, RN|Blaeloch Hill, Ayrshire”

Wreckage of Fairey Barracuda Mk.III PM870 on Col Bheinn, Brora, Sutherland

14th July 1945
Barracuda Mk.II PM870
No.818 Sqn, RN
Col Bheinn, Sutherland

The crew of PM870 were on a flight from HMS Owl at Fearn between Tain and Invergordon when their aircraft crashed on the southern side of Col Bheinn approximately 200ft … Continue reading “1945-07-14|Barracuda Mk.II|PM870|No.818 Sqn, RN|Col Bheinn, Sutherland”

Alan with the remains of Fariey Barracuda MD963 above Redbrook Clough, Marsden, West Yorkshire

29th July 1945
Barracuda Mk.III MD963
RNAS Dunino Stn Flt, RN
Redbrook Clough, Marsden

Fairey Barracuda MD963 of the RNAS Dunino Station Flight, crashed at Close Moss, Redbrook Clough on Sunday 29th July 1945. The aircraft was flying from Donibristle near Dunfermline   George Henry Ambler Sub-Lieutenant Pilot Killed  

Wreckage at the crash site of Barracuda DR306 on Whernside, Ribblehead, Yorkshire

15th December 1945
Barracuda Mk.II DR306
No.769 Sqn, RN
Whernside, North Yorkshire

The pilot was on a cross country flight from Rattray when the aircraft struck Whernside in low cloud. The pilot was extremely lucky in that he was able to walk … Continue reading “1945-12-15|Barracuda Mk.II|DR306|No.769 Sqn, RN|Whernside, North Yorkshire”

Wreckage on Ardskenish beach, Colonsay, from a Supermarine Sea Otter

11th February 1949
Sea Otter Mk.2 JN246
Eglinton Stn Flt, RN
Ardskenish Beach, Colonsay

I guess this is where visiting aircraft wrecks and ship wrecks overlaps, as the aircraft was an amphibian and the wreck lies in the inter-tidal range, though it does not … Continue reading “1949-02-11|Sea Otter Mk.2|JN246|Eglinton Stn Flt, RN|Ardskenish Beach, Colonsay”

Port wing at the crash site of Fairey Firefly WB336 on Beinn Uraraidh, Isle of Islay

25th September 1951
Firefly A.S. Mk.5 WB336
No.719 Sqn, RN
Beinn Uraraidh, Isle of Islay

Both men, from the Royal Australian Navy, were in training with No.737 Squadron at Prestwick but part of their combined training was detached to No.719 Squadron at Eglinton in Northern … Continue reading “1951-09-25|Firefly A.S. Mk.5|WB336|No.719 Sqn, RN|Beinn Uraraidh, Isle of Islay”