Wreckage at the crash site of Handley Page Halifax L9619

16th February 1942
Halifax Mk.II L9619
No.10 Sqn, RAF
Keld, North Yorkshire

The crew were one of six crews from No.10 Squadron, stationed at RAF Leeming, detailed to attack the French port of St Nazaire during the night of the 15th/16th February … Continue reading “1942-02-16|Halifax Mk.II|L9619|No.10 Sqn, RAF|Keld, North Yorkshire”

Wreckage at the crash site of Halifax DT581 on Hoar Side Moor, Todmorden, Yorkshire

21st January 1943
Halifax Mk.II DT581
No.51 Sqn, RAF
Hoar Side Moor, West Yorkshire

The crew had taken off from their base at Snaith near Selby to drop two mines (an A.108 and B.200 type) into the sea in the ‘Nectarines’ area of the … Continue reading “1943-01-21|Halifax Mk.II|DT581|No.51 Sqn, RAF|Hoar Side Moor, West Yorkshire”

Crash site of Halifax W1146 on Great Shunner Fell, Keld, Yorkshire

28th January 1943
Halifax Mk.II W1146
No.1659 HCU, RAF
Great Shunner Fell, North Yorkshire

The crew had taken off from Leeming for a cross county navigation exercise, while returning to Leeming the aircraft struck the ground on the north eastern side of Great Shunner … Continue reading “1943-01-28|Halifax Mk.II|W1146|No.1659 HCU, RAF|Great Shunner Fell, North Yorkshire”

Wreckage at the crash site of Halifax DG404 on Brown Hill Plain, Heathfield Moor, Pateley Bridge, Yorkshire

12th July 1943
Halifax Mk.V DG404
No.1663 HCU, RAF
Pateley Bridge, North Yorkshire

The aircraft was on night cross country exercise from Rufforth, the crew encountered bad weather and the aircraft flew into high ground. None of the four surviving crew members lived … Continue reading “1943-07-12|Halifax Mk.V|DG404|No.1663 HCU, RAF|Pateley Bridge, North Yorkshire”

Wreckage at the Crash site of Handley Page Halifax Mk.II HR727 on Blackden Edge, Kinder, Edale

5th October 1943
Halifax Mk.II HR727
No.51 Sqn, RAF
Blackden Edge, Kinder

The crew, stationed at Snaith in Yorkshire were taking part in a raid against the German city of Frankfurt. The outward leg proceeded normally until shortly after they had released … Continue reading “1943-10-05|Halifax Mk.II|HR727|No.51 Sqn, RAF|Blackden Edge, Kinder”

Wreckage at the crash site of Halifax DT578 on Great Whernside, Kettlewell, Yorkshire Dales

23rd November 1943
Halifax Mk.II DT578
No.1658 HCU, RAF
Great Whernside, North Yorkshire

The aircraft crashed close to where later B-17G 44-8683 and Mosquito N.F. Mk.36 RL197 crashed.

Wreckage at the crash site of Halifax JB926, Slipstone Crags, Colsterdale, Yorkshire

23rd November 1943
Halifax Mk.II JB926
No.1658 HCU, RAF
Slipstone Crags, North Yorkshire

One other aircraft from its unit were lost on the same night, this being DT578 on Great Whernside, the 1180 states that the aircraft was possibly in collision with DT578 … Continue reading “1943-11-23|Halifax Mk.II|JB926|No.1658 HCU, RAF|Slipstone Crags, North Yorkshire”

Crash site of Handley Page Halifax LW334 on Black Hambleton near Osmothery, North Yorkshire

18th January 1944
Halifax Mk.II LW334
No.1659 HCU, RAF
Black Hambleton, Osmotherley

Handley Page Halifax Mk.II LW334 of No.1659 Heavy Conversion Unit RAF, crashed on the eastern side of Black Hambleton near Osmotherley on the 18th January 1944 while on a day time cross country flight from Topcliffe   Joseph Pierre Lavallee RCAF Flying Officer Pilot Killed Richard George Kimball RCAF Sergeant Navigator Killed Wilfred Leger Boisvert … Continue reading “1944-01-18|Halifax Mk.II|LW334|No.1659 HCU, RAF|Black Hambleton, Osmotherley”

Wreckage in a sheepfold below the crash site of Handley Page Halifax JP182 on Eel Crag, Keswick

24th January 1944
Halifax Mk.II JP182
No.14 FPP, ATA
Eel Crag, Keswick

The aircraft was ferried by two crew from No.14 FPP, stationed at Ringway, from RAF Kinloss in Scotland to No.5 Maintenance Unit at RAF Kemble in Gloucestershire. While on the … Continue reading “1944-01-24|Halifax Mk.II|JP182|No.14 FPP, ATA|Eel Crag, Keswick”

Memorial at the crash site of Halifax DK185, Crawshaw Moss, Ilkley, Yorkshire

31st January 1944
Halifax Mk.V DK185
No.1664 HCU, RAF
Crawshaw Moss, West Yorkshire

The aircraft had taken off from Dishforth in the Vale of York on a night navigation exercise, the crew were flying some 40 miles to the south of their intended … Continue reading “1944-01-31|Halifax Mk.V|DK185|No.1664 HCU, RAF|Crawshaw Moss, West Yorkshire”

Crash site of Handley Page Halifax Mk.II BB320 at Cellerhead near Leek, Staffordshire

7th February 1944
Halifax Mk.II BB320
No.1656 HCU, RAF
Cellerhead, Staffordshire

The crew were on a night navigation exercise from RAF Lindholme near Doncaster, having taken off at 17:40.  A little under an hour into the flight the aircraft was seen … Continue reading “1944-02-07|Halifax Mk.II|BB320|No.1656 HCU, RAF|Cellerhead, Staffordshire”

Main crash site of Halifax LL178 on Kepwick Moor in the North Yorkshire Moors

18th March 1944
Halifax Mk.V LL178
No.434 Sqn, RCAF
Nr Kepwick

The aircraft flew into the high ground to the south of Arden Great Moor while returning to RAF Croft from a “Gardening” mine laying operation off Heligoland in poor weather. … Continue reading “1944-03-18|Halifax Mk.V|LL178|No.434 Sqn, RCAF|Nr Kepwick”

Plaque commemorating the crew of Halifax JP190 at Craik, near Hawick, Scottish Borders

1st April 1944
Halifax Mk.II JP190
No.1656 HCU, RAF
Muckle Knowe, Borders

The crew, along with a second Flight Engineer, were on a night cross country navigation exercise from RAF Lindholme near Doncaster having taken off at 20:15 when the aircraft struck … Continue reading “1944-04-01|Halifax Mk.II|JP190|No.1656 HCU, RAF|Muckle Knowe, Borders”

Memorial at the crash site of Halifax Mk.II BB310 on Great Dun Fell, Cumbria

12th April 1944
Halifax Mk.II BB310
No.1674 HCU, RAF
Great Dun Fell, Cumbria

Sergeant Johnson was awarded the D.F.M. while serving with 502 Sqn though it was not Gazetted until the 14th April 1944, two days after his death. Five of the crew … Continue reading “1944-04-12|Halifax Mk.II|BB310|No.1674 HCU, RAF|Great Dun Fell, Cumbria”

Inscription on the memorial stone near the crash site of Handley Page Halifax Mk.III MZ519 at Farnsfield, Nottinghamshire

6th July 1944
Halifax Mk.III MZ519
No.578 Sqn, RAF
Fansfield, Nottinghamshire

Handley Page Halifax Mk.III MZ519 / LK-U of No.578 Squadron, RAF, crashed close to the village of Farnsfield in Nottinghamshire on the 6th July 1944 while returning the Burn in Yorkshire from Croixdalle where it had taken part in an attack on V-1 launch sites   Reginald Parfitt Pilot Officer, RAFVR Pilot Killed Brian Grahame … Continue reading “1944-07-06|Halifax Mk.III|MZ519|No.578 Sqn, RAF|Fansfield, Nottinghamshire”

Memorial at the crash site of Handley Page Halifax Mk.III LK878 at Felixkirk, Thirsk, North Yorkshire

15th January 1945
Halifax Mk.III LK878
No.1659 HCU, RAF
Felixkirk, North Yorkshire

On the 15th January 1945 Flying Officer Mooney and his crew were briefed to carry out local flying with circuits and landing practice from RAF Topcliffe to the southwest of … Continue reading “1945-01-15|Halifax Mk.III|LK878|No.1659 HCU, RAF|Felixkirk, North Yorkshire”

Memorial at the crash site of Handley Page Halifax RT922 at Grindon, Staffordshire

13th February 1947
Halifax A. Mk.9 RT922
No.47 Sqn, RAF
Grindon Moor, Leek

The winter of 1946 / 1947 saw some of the heaviest snowfall recorded in England, it was particularly bad in the areas of high ground with many villages in the … Continue reading “1947-02-13|Halifax A. Mk.9|RT922|No.47 Sqn, RAF|Grindon Moor, Leek”

Handley Page Halifax C. Mk.8 G-AIHU

5th December 1947
Halifax C. Mk.8 G-AIHU
Lancashire Aircraft Corporation
Cwm Mountain, Denbighshire

The aircraft, an ex-RAF (although it had only flown 12 hours 40 minutes in their ownership) Halifax that had been converted for freight use, had been flown by its crew, … Continue reading “1947-12-05|Halifax C. Mk.8|G-AIHU|Lancashire Aircraft Corporation|Cwm Mountain, Denbighshire”

Undercarriage wreckage at the crash site of Handley Page Halifax G-AJNZ on Cronk ny Arrey Laa

28th September 1948
Halifax C. Mk.8 G-AJNZ
World Air Freight
Cronk ny Arrey Laa, Port Erin

The aircraft was flying the last of six round trips from Speke, Liverpool, to Nutts Corner, Northern Ireland, it was scheduled to make during the 27th/28th September.  The aircraft had … Continue reading “1948-09-28|Halifax C. Mk.8|G-AJNZ|World Air Freight|Cronk ny Arrey Laa, Port Erin”