Crash site of Short S23 Empire Class Flying Boat AX659 / G-AETY 'Clio' near Bruichladdich on the Isle of Islay

22nd August 1941
S.23/M AX659
No.119 Sqn, RAF
Bruichladdich, Isle of Islay

The aircraft involved in this accident was a requisitioned Imperial Airways Empire Flying Boat, its pre-war civil registration being G-AETY. While in service with Imperial Airways it had carried the … Continue reading “1941-08-22|S.23/M|AX659|No.119 Sqn, RAF|Bruichladdich, Isle of Islay”

Crash site of Sunderland DV979 at Black Rock, Islay

24th January 1943
Sunderland Mk.III DV979
No.246 Sqn, RAF
Black Rock, Isle of Islay

The crew of the aircraft had been on an operational patrol, carrying out a parallel track search, from Bowmore of the sea area RU58, having taken off at 07:24. The … Continue reading “1943-01-24|Sunderland Mk.III|DV979|No.246 Sqn, RAF|Black Rock, Isle of Islay”

Wreckage at the crash site of Bristol Beaufighter Mk.X LX946 on Maol Mheadhion, Isle of Islay

12th September 1943
Beaufighter T.F. Mk.X LX946
No.304 FTU, RAF
Maol Mheadhion, Isle of Islay

The aircraft was one of a number of Beaufighters whose crews had been tasked with a long distance night cross country exercise, they were taking off at after 03:00, LX946 … Continue reading “1943-09-12|Beaufighter T.F. Mk.X|LX946|No.304 FTU, RAF|Maol Mheadhion, Isle of Islay”

Crash site of Bristol Beaufighter Mk.X NE309 on Sunderland Hill, Bruichladdich, Isle of Islay

1st January 1944
Beaufighter T.F. Mk.X NE309
No.304 FTU, RAF
Sunderland Hill, Isle of Islay

The two crew of NE309 were carrying out a local flying exercise from RAF Port Ellen when their aircraft struck the ground on the boggy low moorland of Sunderland Hill … Continue reading “1944-01-01|Beaufighter T.F. Mk.X|NE309|No.304 FTU, RAF|Sunderland Hill, Isle of Islay”

Wreckage on Ardskenish beach, Colonsay, from a Supermarine Sea Otter

11th February 1949
Sea Otter Mk.2 JN246
Eglinton Stn Flt, RN
Ardskenish Beach, Colonsay

I guess this is where visiting aircraft wrecks and ship wrecks overlaps, as the aircraft was an amphibian and the wreck lies in the inter-tidal range, though it does not … Continue reading “1949-02-11|Sea Otter Mk.2|JN246|Eglinton Stn Flt, RN|Ardskenish Beach, Colonsay”

Port wing at the crash site of Fairey Firefly WB336 on Beinn Uraraidh, Isle of Islay

25th September 1951
Firefly A.S. Mk.5 WB336
No.719 Sqn, RN
Beinn Uraraidh, Isle of Islay

Both men, from the Royal Australian Navy, were in training with No.737 Squadron at Prestwick but part of their combined training was detached to No.719 Squadron at Eglinton in Northern … Continue reading “1951-09-25|Firefly A.S. Mk.5|WB336|No.719 Sqn, RN|Beinn Uraraidh, Isle of Islay”