The crash site of Hawker Hurricane Mk.I W9112 on Lowther Hill

21st July 1941
Hurricane Mk.I W9112
No.59 OTU, RAF
Lowther Hill, South Lanarkshire

The pilot was on a local flying exercise with elements of blind flying, map reading and D/F homing from RAF Crosby-on-Eden when he flew into the northern side of Lowther … Continue reading “1941-07-21|Hurricane Mk.I|W9112|No.59 OTU, RAF|Lowther Hill, South Lanarkshire”

Crash site of Fairchild Argus G-AJSA near Abington, South Lanarkshire

7th April 1950
Argus G-AJSA
Plymouth Aero Club
Abington, South Lanarkshire

The aircraft was registered to the Plymouth Aero Club and had been chartered to fly to Turnhouse at Edinburgh. Having completed the flight to Turnhouse Mr Roberts, a member and … Continue reading “1950-04-07|Argus|G-AJSA|Plymouth Aero Club|Abington, South Lanarkshire”

Pratt & Whitney Twin Wasp engine at the crash site of B-26B 8811-B on Distinkhorn, South Lanarkshire

13th August 1956
B-26B 8811-B
French Air Force
Distinkhorn, South Lanarkshire

The aircraft was being flown from the US via Iceland and Prestwick to France by two civilian pilots for delivery to the French Air Force, in whose markings the aircraft … Continue reading “1956-08-13|B-26B| 8811-B|French Air Force|Distinkhorn, South Lanarkshire”

Wreckage at the crash site of Precival Prentice G-AOLR in the Kilsyth Hills

30th July 1961
Prentice Mk.1 G-AOLR
Kilsyth Hills, North Lanarkshire

The aircraft was being flown to Renfrew Airport, on the southern edge of Glasgow, from Biggin Hill in Kent. On arriving in the Glasgow area the weather conditions were poor … Continue reading “1961-07-30|Prentice Mk.1|G-AOLR|Civil|Kilsyth Hills, North Lanarkshire”