Crash site of Lockheed Hudson N7294 near Captain Cooks Monument, Easby Moor

11th February 1940
Hudson Mk.I N7294
No.220 Sqn, RAF
Easby Moor, Great Ayton

The aircraft was being used to carry out a patrol from Thornaby. Shortly after take off the aircraft’s windscreen iced up blocking forward vision, shortly after this occurring the aircraft … Continue reading “1940-02-11|Hudson Mk.I|N7294|No.220 Sqn, RAF|Easby Moor, Great Ayton”

Crash site of Lockheed Hudson T9371 on Pamperdale Moor near Ingleby Arncliffe, North Yorkshire

22nd January 1941
Hudson Mk.II T9371
No.220 Sqn, RAF
Pamperdale Moor, Ingleby Arncliffe

The aircraft was on ferry flight from St Eval in Cornwall back to Thornaby. At about 11:30 the aircraft crashed on Pamperdale Moor and burned out. Thomas Joseph McHugh was … Continue reading “1941-01-22|Hudson Mk.II|T9371|No.220 Sqn, RAF|Pamperdale Moor, Ingleby Arncliffe”

Wreckage from Lockheed Hudson Mk.I N7235 near Loch Bradan

3rd March 1941
Hudson Mk.I N7235
No.224 Sqn, RAF
Loch Bradan, Ayrshire

The aircraft was being flown from No.224 Sqn’s home station of RAF Leuchars to RAF Aldergrove in Northern Ireland. It had taken off at 12:00 but failed to arrive at … Continue reading “1941-03-03|Hudson Mk.I|N7235|No.224 Sqn, RAF|Loch Bradan, Ayrshire”

Port wing at the crash site of Lockheed Hudson N7310 on Withi Gill, Isle of Hoy

19th March 1941
Hudson Mk.I N7310
No.220 Sqn, RAF
Withi Gill, Orkney

No.220 Squadron was stationed at RAF Thornaby near Middlesbrough with a number of detached Flights at other coastal air stations, one was at RAF Wick in Caithness. At 05:50 on … Continue reading “1941-03-19|Hudson Mk.I|N7310|No.220 Sqn, RAF|Withi Gill, Orkney”

Tail section at the crash site of Lockheed Hudson T9432 on Ben Lui

15th April 1941
Hudson Mk.III T9432
No.233 Sqn, RAF
Ben Lui, Stirlingshire

Sgt Aylott was from Buckhurst Hill in Essex, there is a photograph of his grave on the Buckhurst Hill history website. The aircraft had been on a patrol from RAF … Continue reading “1941-04-15|Hudson Mk.III|T9432|No.233 Sqn, RAF|Ben Lui, Stirlingshire”

Remaining wreckage at the crash site Lockheed Hudson T9292 near Brora, Sutherland

1st May 1941
Hudson Mk.I T9292
No.269 Sqn, RAF
Brora, Sutherland

The aircraft had taken off from Wick on convoy escort duties in the early evening, upon return the pilot could not safely break through cloud cover near Wick or over … Continue reading “1941-05-01|Hudson Mk.I|T9292|No.269 Sqn, RAF|Brora, Sutherland”

The crash site of Lockheed Hudson AE640 at Feorlan, Mull of Kintyre

25th July 1941
Hudson Mk.V AE640
Feorlan, Kintyre

The aircraft was a newly built aircraft which was being ferried from the Lockheed factory to the UK. It had been flown across the USA and Canada before being flown … Continue reading “1941-07-25|Hudson Mk.V|AE640|OADF, RAF|Feorlan, Kintyre”

Single piece of wreckage at the crash site of Lockheed Hudson N7337 on North Barrule

9th September 1941
Hudson Mk.I N7337
No.1 (C)OTU, RAF
North Barrule, Ramsey

The crew were on a training flight from Silloth in Cumbria.  They had been briefed to remain in areas free of fog and low cloud, however the aircraft ended up … Continue reading “1941-09-09|Hudson Mk.I|N7337|No.1 (C)OTU, RAF|North Barrule, Ramsey”

Crash site of P-38F 41-7669 near Burnley, Lancashire

1st September 1942
P-38F 41-7669
14th FG, USAAF
Cliviger, Lancashire

The pilot was on a non-operational interception training flight from Atcham near Shrewsbury when he was seen flying at low level in the Burnley area. Shortly after the aircraft struck … Continue reading “1942-09-01|P-38F|41-7669|14th FG, USAAF|Cliviger, Lancashire”

View from the crash site of Lockheed Hudson N7325 on Cross Fell

6th September 1942
Hudson Mk.I N7325
No.1 (C)OTU, RAF
Cross Fell, Cumbria

The crew had taken off from RAF Silloth late on the 5th September for a night navigation exercise. The planned route was from Silloth to South Rock light off Northern … Continue reading “1942-09-06|Hudson Mk.I|N7325|No.1 (C)OTU, RAF|Cross Fell, Cumbria”

Lockheed P-38F 41-7677 on Harlech Beach, Gwynedd

27th September 1942
P-38F 41-7677
14th FG, USAAF
Harlech Beach, Gwynedd

The pilot, and aircraft, was among nine pilots who had flown into RAF Llanbedr on the 26th September from Atcham for gunnery practice, swapping places with eight other 14th FG … Continue reading “1942-09-27|P-38F|41-7677|14th FG, USAAF|Harlech Beach, Gwynedd”

Wreckage at the crash site of Beech AT-7 on the Old Man of Coniston

14th October 1942
Beech AT-7 Unknown
Old Man of Coniston, Coniston

The number of Beech Model 18 aircraft in the UK was always low, and this aircraft would have been either the first or one of the first of the type … Continue reading “1942-10-14|Beech AT-7|Unknown|USAAF|Old Man of Coniston, Coniston”

Crash site of Lockheed Hudson Mk.V AM680 at Beda Head near Ullswater

10th November 1942
Hudson Mk.V AM680
Beda Head, Martindale

The aircraft, coded B-68, took off from RAF Silloth on the Solway Firth west of Carlisle at 00:50 on the 10th November for a night navigation exercise. At 01:14 the … Continue reading “1942-11-10|Hudson Mk.V|AM680|No.1 OTU, RAF|Beda Head, Martindale”

Wreckage from P-38 42-12905 at the crash site on Dunsop Fell near Slaidburn, Lancashire

26th January 1943
P-38G 42-12905
78th FG, USAAF
Dunsop Fell, Lancashire

The aircraft was one of a number of aircraft being ferried from Goxhill near Hull to Langford Lodge in Northern Ireland, it collided with a second aircraft, 42-12928 and crashed … Continue reading “1943-01-26|P-38G|42-12905|78th FG, USAAF|Dunsop Fell, Lancashire”

Wreckage at the crash site of P-38G 42-12929 on Baxton Fell near Slaidburn, Lancashire

26th January 1943
P-38G 42-13928
78th FG, USAAF
Baxton Fell, Lancashire

The aircraft was one of a number of aircraft being ferried from Goxhill in North Lincolnshire to Langford Lodge in Northern Ireland, it collided with 42-12905 while over Lancashire and … Continue reading “1943-01-26|P-38G|42-13928|78th FG, USAAF|Baxton Fell, Lancashire”

Lockheed Hudson at the Royal Air Force Museum

18th August 1943
Ventura Mk.I AE688
No.464 Sqn, RAAF
Carnedd Dafydd, Gwynedd

The crew were on a night navigation training exercise from No.464 Sqn’s home station of Methwold in Norfolk. They had taken off during the late evening of the 18th August … Continue reading “1943-08-18|Ventura Mk.I|AE688|No.464 Sqn, RAAF|Carnedd Dafydd, Gwynedd”

Crash site of Lockheed C-60A 42-56014 on Beinn Nuis, Isle of Arran

30th September 1943
C-60A 42-56014
17th Fy Grp, USAAF
Beinn Nuis, Isle of Arran

The aircraft was on a transport flight from Prestwick on the Ayrshire coast to Stornaway in the Western Isles it had taken off at 09:49 GMT for the 1 hour … Continue reading “1943-09-30|C-60A|42-56014|17th Fy Grp, USAAF|Beinn Nuis, Isle of Arran”

Accident report photograph of the crash site of Lockheed P-38J 62-67480 at Cronkstone Grange, Buxton, Derbyshire

11th December 1943
P-38J 42-67480
Cronkstone, Buxton

On the 11th December 1943 2nd Lt Guy Senesac was tasked with ferrying a P-38J Lightning from Warton near Preston to Kingscliffe in Northamptonshire. Part way into the flight the … Continue reading “1943-12-11|P-38J|42-67480|27th ATG, USAAF|Cronkstone, Buxton”

Small piece of wreckage at the crash site of Lockheed P-38J 42-67670 on Strines Moor near Leek, Staffordshire

22nd December 1943
P-38J 42-67670
Strines Moor, Leek

On the 22nd December 1943 2nd Lt Senesac of the 310th Ferry Squadron, 27th Air Transport Group, was tasked to fly a Lockheed P-38J from Warton near Preston to King’s … Continue reading “1943-12-22|P-38J|42-67670|27th ATG, USAAF|Strines Moor, Leek”

Crash site of Lockheed P-38 42-67859, Ochlon, Black Mountains

12th April 1944
P-38J 42-67859
370th FG, USAAF
Olchon Valley, Herefordshire

The pilot was on a cross country navigation exercise from Andover, his route was Andover – Aberdovey – Bedford – Andover. It was while flying on the first leg of … Continue reading “1944-04-12|P-38J|42-67859|370th FG, USAAF|Olchon Valley, Herefordshire”

Wreckage of Lockheed P-38J Lightning 42-67207 on Tintwhistle Knarr, Derbyshire

10th May 1944
P-38J 42-67207
496th FTG, USAAF
Tintwhistle Knarr, Longdendale

During the morning of the 10th May 1944 Flt Off Hugh Jones took off from Goxhill near Grimsby to take part in a cine gun / single engine flying exercise … Continue reading “1944-05-10|P-38J|42-67207|496th FTG, USAAF|Tintwhistle Knarr, Longdendale”

Wright Cyclone engine at the crash site of Lockheed Neptune WX545 on Beinn na Lice, Mull of Kintyre

10th October 1956
Neptune M.R. Mk.1 WX545
No.36 Sqn, RAF
Beinn na Lice, Kintyre

The crew were on an anti submarine exercise from Ballykelly, the aircraft’s home airfield was Topcliffe in Yorkshire but it had been detached to Ballykelly for the exercise, during the … Continue reading “1956-10-10|Neptune M.R. Mk.1|WX545|No.36 Sqn, RAF|Beinn na Lice, Kintyre”