Small amount of wreckage at the crash site of Short Stirling N6075 on Merryton Low near Leek, Staffordshire

13th July 1942
Stirling Mk.I N6075
No.101 Sqn Con. Flt, RAF
Merryton Low, Leek

It while on a cross country navigation flight from RAF Oakington in Cambridgeshire that the aircraft flew into high ground at Merrytown Low to the east of Leek a short … Continue reading “1942-07-13|Stirling Mk.I|N6075|No.101 Sqn Con. Flt, RAF|Merryton Low, Leek”

Crash site of Short Stirling LK502 at Cliffe Park, Rudyard, Leek

27th May 1944
Stirling Mk.III LK502
No.1654 HCU, RAF
Cliffe Park, Leek

The crew were on a night cross country exercise from RAF Wigsley, with one of the objectives being to take a night photogaph of the Menai Bridge between Bangor and … Continue reading “1944-05-27|Stirling Mk.III|LK502|No.1654 HCU, RAF|Cliffe Park, Leek”

Recovery of the main undercarriage oleo from the crash site of Short Stirling LJ628 on Upper Commons, Langsett

21st July 1944
Stirling Mk.III LJ628
No.1654 HCU, RAF
Upper Commons, Howden Moors

The crew were on an exercise from RAF Wiglsey in Nottinghamshire, having been briefed to carry out two and three engine flying as part of a cross country flight. The … Continue reading “1944-07-21|Stirling Mk.III|LJ628|No.1654 HCU, RAF|Upper Commons, Howden Moors”

Wreckage at the crash site of Stirling EE975 on Old Cote Moor, Littondale, Yorkshire

14th August 1944
Stirling Mk.III EE975
No.1660 HCU, RAF
Old Cote Moor, North Yorkshire

“The aircraft was on a night cross country at about 8000 feet. The first engineer reports feathering the port outer as the cylinder head temp was dropping right off and … Continue reading “1944-08-14|Stirling Mk.III|EE975|No.1660 HCU, RAF|Old Cote Moor, North Yorkshire”