crash site of Catalina Z2148 on Willa-mina Hoga, Isle of Yell, Shetland

19th January 1942
Catalina Mk.I Z2148
No.240 Sqn, RAF
Isle of Yell, Shetland

The crew of the aircraft had flown from their normal home station of RAF Castle Archdale on Lough Erne to RAF Invergordon on the Cromarty Firth north of Inverness before … Continue reading “1942-01-19|Catalina Mk.I|Z2148|No.240 Sqn, RAF|Isle of Yell, Shetland”

Crash site of Consolidated Catalina JX210, Hill of Garth, Sullom Voe, Shetland

25th March 1944
Catalina Mk.IVA JX210
No.210 Sqn, RAF
Hill of Garth, Shetland Islands

Catalina JX210 was flying from the seaplane base in Sullom Voe at the northern end of Mainland in the Shetland Islands on an air test when it stalled and dived … Continue reading “1944-03-25|Catalina Mk.IVA|JX210|No.210 Sqn, RAF|Hill of Garth, Shetland Islands”