Crash site of Boeing B-17 41-9098 on Craig Berwyn, Cadair Berwyn, Powys

11th August 1942
B-17E 41-9098
97th BG, USAAF
Cadair Berwyn, Powys

The aircraft took off from Polebrook at 10:30 for cross country flight to Burtonwood, it was expected to arrive around 11:00. At 14:00 the aircraft was reported overdue, shortly afterwards … Continue reading “1942-08-11|B-17E|41-9098|97th BG, USAAF|Cadair Berwyn, Powys”

Crash site of Douglas C-47 41-7803 on Moel y Gaer, Llangollen, Wales

23rd August 1942
C-47A 41-7803
Moel-y-Gaer, Denbighshire

# = Known to be 14th FG. The aircraft was being used to transfer personnel of the 14th Fighter Group from the US at the beginning of that unit’s deployment … Continue reading “1942-08-23|C-47A|41-7803|64th TCG, USAAF|Moel-y-Gaer, Denbighshire”

Crash site of P-38F 41-7669 near Burnley, Lancashire

1st September 1942
P-38F 41-7669
14th FG, USAAF
Cliviger, Lancashire

The pilot was on a non-operational interception training flight from Atcham near Shrewsbury when he was seen flying at low level in the Burnley area. Shortly after the aircraft struck … Continue reading “1942-09-01|P-38F|41-7669|14th FG, USAAF|Cliviger, Lancashire”

Lockheed P-38F 41-7677 on Harlech Beach, Gwynedd

27th September 1942
P-38F 41-7677
14th FG, USAAF
Harlech Beach, Gwynedd

The pilot, and aircraft, was among nine pilots who had flown into RAF Llanbedr on the 26th September from Atcham for gunnery practice, swapping places with eight other 14th FG … Continue reading “1942-09-27|P-38F|41-7677|14th FG, USAAF|Harlech Beach, Gwynedd”

Wreckage at the crash site of Beech AT-7 on the Old Man of Coniston

14th October 1942
Beech AT-7 Unknown
Old Man of Coniston, Coniston

The number of Beech Model 18 aircraft in the UK was always low, and this aircraft would have been either the first or one of the first of the type … Continue reading “1942-10-14|Beech AT-7|Unknown|USAAF|Old Man of Coniston, Coniston”

Wreckage from P-38 42-12905 at the crash site on Dunsop Fell near Slaidburn, Lancashire

26th January 1943
P-38G 42-12905
78th FG, USAAF
Dunsop Fell, Lancashire

The aircraft was one of a number of aircraft being ferried from Goxhill near Hull to Langford Lodge in Northern Ireland, it collided with a second aircraft, 42-12928 and crashed … Continue reading “1943-01-26|P-38G|42-12905|78th FG, USAAF|Dunsop Fell, Lancashire”

Wreckage at the crash site of P-38G 42-12929 on Baxton Fell near Slaidburn, Lancashire

26th January 1943
P-38G 42-13928
78th FG, USAAF
Baxton Fell, Lancashire

The aircraft was one of a number of aircraft being ferried from Goxhill in North Lincolnshire to Langford Lodge in Northern Ireland, it collided with 42-12905 while over Lancashire and … Continue reading “1943-01-26|P-38G|42-13928|78th FG, USAAF|Baxton Fell, Lancashire”

Wreckage at the crash site of Vickers Wellington Mk.III X3348 on Blackden Edge, Kinder Scout, Edale

26th January 1943
Wellington Mk.III X3348
No.427 Sqn, RCAF
Blackden Edge, Kinder

The crew were detailed to attack the French port of Lorient, taking off at 16:51 with a bomb load of 3,240lb of indendiary bombs in nine 360lb clusters. While returning … Continue reading “1943-01-26|Wellington Mk.III|X3348|No.427 Sqn, RCAF|Blackden Edge, Kinder”

View down into the Vale of Edale from the crash site of the aircraft

25th April 1943
P-47C 41-6227
56th FG, USAAF
Horsehill Tor, Edale

John Coenen was injured when he landed heavily on what is now the Pennine Way at Upper Booth after bailing out on realising that he was not going to get … Continue reading “1943-04-25|P-47C|41-6227|56th FG, USAAF|Horsehill Tor, Edale”

3rd June 1943
B-26C 41-34707
322nd BG, USAAF
Beinn na Feusaige, Wester Ross

During early June 1943 the USAAF ferried a large number of B-26 Marauder aircraft from the US to Europe. While many of the larger aircraft flew alone the B-26s made … Continue reading “1943-06-03|B-26C|41-34707|322nd BG, USAAF|Beinn na Feusaige, Wester Ross”

Crash site of Republic P-47 42-7897 on Ffrith Dreborth, Glyndyfrdwy, Llangollen

18th July 1943
P-47D 42-7897
Ffrith Dreborth, Wrexham

The pilot was on a local flying exercise from Atcham near Shrewsbury with three other P-47s when his aircraft crashed on high ground. The investigating officer found that the fuel … Continue reading “1943-07-18|P-47D|42-7897|6th FW, USAAF|Ffrith Dreborth, Wrexham”

Wreckage at the crash site of B-24 42-41030 on Beinn Nuis, Isle of Arran

20th August 1943
B-24D 42-41030
Knox Prov. Group, USAAF
Beinn Nuis, Isle of Arran

Consolidated B-24D Liberator 42-41030 flew into Beinn Nuis on the Isle of Arran on the 20th August 1943 The aircraft was not assigned to any specific unit but was part … Continue reading “1943-08-20|B-24D|42-41030|Knox Prov. Group, USAAF|Beinn Nuis, Isle of Arran”

The view from the crash site of B-17 41-9051 on Skiddaw towards Keswick

14th September 1943
B-17E 41-9051
482nd BG, USAAF
Skiddaw, Keswick

The crew were on a cross country navigation flight from Alconbury, near Huntingdon, to RAF Turnhouse on the edge of Edinburgh (currently the city’s airport). The accident investigators suggested that … Continue reading “1943-09-14|B-17E|41-9051|482nd BG, USAAF|Skiddaw, Keswick”

Crash site of B-24D 42-72851 on Li a Tuath, Lochmaddy, North Uist

15th September 1943
B-24D 42-72851
Bridges Prov. Group, USAAF
Li a Tuath, North Uist

The aircraft, which had only recently come off the production line at San Diego, was being ferried across the Atlantic, at the time of the crossing it had not been … Continue reading “1943-09-15|B-24D|42-72851|Bridges Prov. Group, USAAF|Li a Tuath, North Uist”

Crash site of Lockheed C-60A 42-56014 on Beinn Nuis, Isle of Arran

30th September 1943
C-60A 42-56014
17th Fy Grp, USAAF
Beinn Nuis, Isle of Arran

The aircraft was on a transport flight from Prestwick on the Ayrshire coast to Stornaway in the Western Isles it had taken off at 09:49 GMT for the 1 hour … Continue reading “1943-09-30|C-60A|42-56014|17th Fy Grp, USAAF|Beinn Nuis, Isle of Arran”

Crash site of Republic P-47s 42-7872 and 42-7898 on Cats Tor, Bollington, Cheshire

30th September 1943
P-47D 42-7872 & 42-7898
2906th Ob Grp, USAAF
Cats Tor, Bollington

The two aircraft belonged to a unit which together with the 6th Fighter Wing were responsible for Operational Training at Atcham. They were combined and became the 495th Fighter Training … Continue reading “1943-09-30|P-47D|42-7872 & 42-7898|2906th Ob Grp, USAAF|Cats Tor, Bollington”

Accident report photograph of the crash site of Lockheed P-38J 62-67480 at Cronkstone Grange, Buxton, Derbyshire

11th December 1943
P-38J 42-67480
Cronkstone, Buxton

On the 11th December 1943 2nd Lt Guy Senesac was tasked with ferrying a P-38J Lightning from Warton near Preston to Kingscliffe in Northamptonshire. Part way into the flight the … Continue reading “1943-12-11|P-38J|42-67480|27th ATG, USAAF|Cronkstone, Buxton”

Small piece of wreckage at the crash site of Lockheed P-38J 42-67670 on Strines Moor near Leek, Staffordshire

22nd December 1943
P-38J 42-67670
Strines Moor, Leek

On the 22nd December 1943 2nd Lt Senesac of the 310th Ferry Squadron, 27th Air Transport Group, was tasked to fly a Lockheed P-38J from Warton near Preston to King’s … Continue reading “1943-12-22|P-38J|42-67670|27th ATG, USAAF|Strines Moor, Leek”

Crash site of Consolidated B-24J 42-99991 / Bachelors Baby on Moelfre, Penmaenmawr, Conwy

7th January 1944
B-24J 42-99991
Moelfre, Conwy

The aircraft was being delivered from the United States to the UK, its crew had flown across the Atlantic via the Southern route, a route frequently used in the winter … Continue reading “1944-01-07|B-24J|42-99991|8th AF, USAAF|Moelfre, Conwy”

C-47 Dakota

13th January 1944
C-53D 42-68728
435th TCG, USAAF
Ossoms Hill, Grindon

The aircraft, a C-53D Skytrooper (dedicated paratroop variant of the Dakota), was flying from Langar, near Nottingham, to Burtonwood, near Warrington, during the early afternoon of the 13th January 1944 … Continue reading “1944-01-13|C-53D|42-68728|435th TCG, USAAF|Ossoms Hill, Grindon”

Memorial / Grave at the crash site of Republic P-47D Thunderbolt 42-7925 off Shrewbridge Road, Nantwich, Cheshire

14th January 1944
P-47D 42-7925
495th FTG, USAAF
Nantwich, Cheshire

At about 14:00 on the 14th January 1944 two flights of P-47s left Atcham near Shrewsbury with an instructor as flight leader. They climbed to between 22 and 24,000ft where … Continue reading “1944-01-14|P-47D|42-7925|495th FTG, USAAF|Nantwich, Cheshire”

Crash site of Republic P-47C Thunderbolt 41-6259 near Ashbourne, Derbyshire

19th January 1944
P-47C 41-6259
Sudbury, Derbyshire

The aircraft was being ferried, along with a second P-47, from Halesworth in southern England to Maghaberry in Northern Ireland for an overhaul. The weather en-route was poor, with 10/10ths … Continue reading “1944-01-19|P-47C|41-6259|27th ATG, USAAF|Sudbury, Derbyshire”

Wreckage at the crash site of P-47D 42-22758 on Pendle Hill, Clitheroe, Lancashire

6th February 1944
P-47D 42-22758
Pendle Hill, Lancashire

Republic P-47D Thunderbolt 42-22758 being flown by the 310th Ferry Squadron, 27th Air Transport Group, crashed on Pendle Hill near Clitheroe, Lancashire on the 6th February 1944 after becoming lost in cloud whilst attempting to get to Warton with several other aircraft   John R. Runnells Flight Officer Pilot Killed  

Crash site of Lockheed P-38 42-67859, Ochlon, Black Mountains

12th April 1944
P-38J 42-67859
370th FG, USAAF
Olchon Valley, Herefordshire

The pilot was on a cross country navigation exercise from Andover, his route was Andover – Aberdovey – Bedford – Andover. It was while flying on the first leg of … Continue reading “1944-04-12|P-38J|42-67859|370th FG, USAAF|Olchon Valley, Herefordshire”

Wreckage at the crash site of Republic P-47 42-75101 on Mynydd Copog, Dolgellau, Wales

4th May 1944
P-47D 42-75101
495th FTG, USAAF
Mynydd Copog, Gwynedd

The pilot was performing authorised aerobatics and local flying from Atcham near Shrewsbury, he had flown west across mid Wales and during a series of rolls drifted over higher ground. … Continue reading “1944-05-04|P-47D|42-75101|495th FTG, USAAF|Mynydd Copog, Gwynedd”

Wreckage of Lockheed P-38J Lightning 42-67207 on Tintwhistle Knarr, Derbyshire

10th May 1944
P-38J 42-67207
496th FTG, USAAF
Tintwhistle Knarr, Longdendale

During the morning of the 10th May 1944 Flt Off Hugh Jones took off from Goxhill near Grimsby to take part in a cine gun / single engine flying exercise … Continue reading “1944-05-10|P-38J|42-67207|496th FTG, USAAF|Tintwhistle Knarr, Longdendale”

Lifting the starboard engine from the crash site of UC-78A Bobcat 42-58513 on Craigton Hill during excavation by the Dumfries and Galloway Aviation Museum

24th May 1944
UC-78A 42-58513
Craigton Hill, East Dunbartonshire

The aircraft, baseed at Warton in Lancashire, was being used for an administrative flight. It had taken off from Dyce near Aberdeen at 16:20 for a flight to Renfrew before … Continue reading “1944-05-24|UC-78A|42-58513|BAD 2, USAAF|Craigton Hill, East Dunbartonshire”

Small pieces of wreckage at the crash site of Consolidated B-24 Liberator 42-51202 on Snaefell, Laxey, Isle of Man

8th June 1944
B-24H 42-51202
Snaefell, Laxey

The aircraft was being ferried from BAD 2 at Warton in Lancashire to Langford Lodge in Northern Ireland during the mid evening of the 8th June 1944.  While flying in … Continue reading “1944-06-08|B-24H|42-51202|27th ATG, USAAF|Snaefell, Laxey”

Crash site of B-26C 41-35791 on Cronk ny Arrey Laa, Isle of Man - Copyright Peak District Air Accident Research

4th July 1944
B-26C 41-35791
322nd BG, USAAF
Cronk ny Arrey Laa, Port Erin

While being ferried from Andrew’s Field in Essex to Langford Lodge in Northern Ireland the aircraft flew into Cronk ny Arrey Laa on the west coast of the Isle of … Continue reading “1944-07-04|B-26C|41-35791|322nd BG, USAAF|Cronk ny Arrey Laa, Port Erin”

Crash site of P-47 Thunderbolt 41-6195 near Aled Isfa Reservoir, Denbigh

8th July 1944
P-47C 41-6195
495th FTG, USAAF
Aled Isfa, Denbighshire

2nd Lt Wahl was on a training flight from RAF Atcham, near Shrewsbury, with two other P-47 aircraft. He was flying in the No.3 position in a line astern formation. … Continue reading “1944-07-08|P-47C|41-6195|495th FTG, USAAF|Aled Isfa, Denbighshire”

Memorial ceremony at Riverside Road, Upper Tean, crash site of Republic P-47D 42-22491

14th July 1944
P-47D 42-22491
495th FTG, USAAF
Upper Tean, Staffordshire

22 Year old 2nd Lieutenant Donald M. Pfaff, pictured above, of Homestead PA (to the SE of Pittsburgh) was flying in the No.3 position of a 4 ship battle formation … Continue reading “1944-07-14|P-47D|42-22491|495th FTG, USAAF|Upper Tean, Staffordshire”

Plaque dedicated to the victims of the crash of C-47A 42-93038 in Cairngarroch Bay

27th July 1944
C-47A 42-93038
441st TCG, USAAF
Cairngarroch Bay, Dumfries & Galloway

The aircraft had taken off, along with a second C-47, from its home station of Merryfield, 8 miles SE of Taunton in Somerset, and had flown to Filton on the … Continue reading “1944-07-27|C-47A|42-93038|441st TCG, USAAF|Cairngarroch Bay, Dumfries & Galloway”

Wrecked aircraft in a photograph from the accident report, Consolidated B-24 42-52625, Brown Edge, Staffordshire

15th August 1944
B-24H 42-52625
406th BS, USAAF
Brown Edge, Endon

After take off from Warton the crew could not raise the aircraft’s undercarriage, while attempting to resolve this problem the aircraft stated to bank to the left and lose height, … Continue reading “1944-08-15|B-24H|42-52625|406th BS, USAAF|Brown Edge, Endon”

Crash site of Republic P-47D 42-74728 at Greenway Hall, Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire

24th August 1944
P-47D 42-74728
495th FTG, USAAF
Stockton Brook, Staffordshire

2nd Lt Fulton was on an instrument and aerobatics training flight from Atcham with another P-47. After completing the instrument phase of the flight both pilots commenced their assigned aerobatics … Continue reading “1944-08-24|P-47D|42-74728|495th FTG, USAAF|Stockton Brook, Staffordshire”

Crash site of Noorduyn UC-64A Norseman 43-35439 on Shining Tor, Derbyshire

24th September 1944
UC-64A 43-35439
10th AD Group, USAAF
Shining Tor, Buxton

On the 29th September 1944 2nd Lt Fredrickson was tasked with a liaison flight from Burtonwood near Warrington to RAF Winthorpe near Newark on Trent in Nottinghamshire and back.  He … Continue reading “1944-09-24|UC-64A|43-35439|10th AD Group, USAAF|Shining Tor, Buxton”

Memorial near the crash site of Boeing B-17G 43-37776 at Nailstone, Leicestershire

27th September 1944
B-17G 43-37776
490th BG, USAAF
Nailstone, Leicestershire

* 83rd Station Complement Squadron # Army Air Corps Of the crew and passengers 5 were subsequently buried at Cambridge American Cemetery.

Crash site of Republic P-47C Thunderbolt 41-6628 at Thorncliffe near Leek, Staffordshire

3rd October 1944
P-47C 41-6628
495th FTG, USAAF
Thorncliffe, Leek

The photograph above shows Quentin J. Sella shortly after receiving his commission in February 1944, this appeared with his obituary in the Grand Rapids Press (one of the newspapers from … Continue reading “1944-10-03|P-47C|41-6628|495th FTG, USAAF|Thorncliffe, Leek”

Crash site of Consolidated B-24H 42-94841 on Twizle Head Moss, Holmfirth

9th October 1944
B-24H 42-94841
492nd BG, USAAF
Twizle Head Moss, Holmfirth

The crew were on a cross country training flight from their home station at Harrington, near Kettering. The route was to have been Base – Goole – Huddersfield – Stafford … Continue reading “1944-10-09|B-24H|42-94841|492nd BG, USAAF|Twizle Head Moss, Holmfirth”

Remains of a Pratt & Whitney Twin Wasp engine at the crash site of Consolidated B-24 Liberator 42-52003, Mill Hill, Hayfield, Derbyshire

11th October 1944
B-24J 42-52003
Mill Hill, Glossop

The aircraft was being ferried from Burtonwood to Hardwick by a two man ferry crew on the 11th October 1944, the two men took off in the aircraft from Burtonwood … Continue reading “1944-10-11|B-24J|42-52003|27th ATG, USAAF|Mill Hill, Glossop”

Cliffs of Craig y Dulyn with the crash site of C-47 43-48473 part way up

11th November 1944
C-47B 43-48473
Craig y Dulyn, Conwy

The crew were flying the aircraft from Le Borget airport near Paris to Burtonwood in Cheshire. They had departed at 08:30 (local) on the 11th November with a flight of … Continue reading “1944-11-11|C-47B|43-48473|27th ATG, USAAF|Craig y Dulyn, Conwy”

Crash site of B-17G 42-97286 on Beinn Nuis, Isle of Arran

10th December 1944
B-17G 42-97286
388th BG, USAAF
Beinn Nuis, Isle of Arran

In the crash report there are three versions of the crew list which contradict each other so the above may not be entirely correct. The crew of the aircraft were … Continue reading “1944-12-10|B-17G|42-97286|388th BG, USAAF|Beinn Nuis, Isle of Arran”

Crash site of Douglas C-47A 41-38608 at Dawson Farm, Bosley, Cheshire in 1944

22nd December 1944
C-47A 41-38608
363rd TRG, USAAF
Bosley, Macclesfield

The aircraft was being used to ferry supplies from Burtonwood to Le Culot (Y-10) in France via Grove near Wantage in Oxfordshire, along with a small number of passengers. The … Continue reading “1944-12-22|C-47A|41-38608|363rd TRG, USAAF|Bosley, Macclesfield”

Memorial at the crash site of Boeing B-17G 43-38944 on Birchenough Hill, Wildboarclough, Cheshire

2nd January 1945
B-17G 43-38944
398th BG, USAAF
Birchenough Hill, Wildboarclough

1st Lt De Cleene and the crew flying with him were all from the 398th and had flown over to Burtonwood to collect a new replacement aircraft for one which … Continue reading “1945-01-02|B-17G|43-38944|398th BG, USAAF|Birchenough Hill, Wildboarclough”

Burnt scar at the crash site of B-24J 42-100322 on Burn Fell near Slaidburn, Lancashire

2nd January 1945
B-24J 42-100322
448th BG, USAAF
Burn Fell, Lancashire

The aircraft was being ferried from Seething in Norfolk to BAD2 at Warton near Preston, most of the passengers were a second aircrew who were going to fly another aircraft … Continue reading “1945-01-02|B-24J|42-100322|448th BG, USAAF|Burn Fell, Lancashire”

Crash site of Douglas A-20G Havoc 43-9958 at Flash near Leek, Staffordshire

3rd January 1945
A-20G 43-9958
Flash, Leek

The aircraft was being ferried by a pilot from the 310th Ferry Squadron, 27th Air Transport Group from Stanstead to Burtonwood. His route was meant to have been Stanstead – … Continue reading “1945-01-03|A-20G|43-9958|27th ATG, USAAF|Flash, Leek”

Accident report photograph of Douglas C-47 42-93683

21st January 1945
C-47A 42-93683
Nr Buxton, Derbyshire

The crew were on a daytime training flight from Chalgrove in Oxfordshire, described as Contact Round Robin Flight, with 4 other aircraft.  Their route took them from Chalgrove to Bury … Continue reading “1945-01-21|C-47A|42-93683|9th TCG, USAAF|Nr Buxton, Derbyshire”

Crash site of B-26G 44-68072 on Y Garn, Snowdonia

1st February 1945
B-26G 44-68072
Y Garn, Gwynedd

The aircraft was one of 16 new B-26 Marauders that were being ferried from the USA to the UK where they would have final preparations for combat and be assigned … Continue reading “1945-02-01|B-26G|44-68072|9th AF, USAAF|Y Garn, Gwynedd”

Crash site of Consolidated B-24 Liberator 42-50668 on Black Hameldon near Burnley, Lancashire

19th February 1945
B-24J 42-50668
491st BG, USAAF
Black Hameldon, Lancashire

A number of the crew and passengers were buried at Cambridge American Cemetery.

Crash site of B-17G 44-83325 on Beinn Edra, Isle of Skye

3rd March 1945
B-17G 44-83325
Beinn Edra

B-17 44-83325 was a newly built aircraft, having come off the production line at the Douglas aircraft factory in Long Beach, California. It was being ferried across the Atlantic before … Continue reading “1945-03-03|B-17G|44-83325|USAAF|Beinn Edra”

Crash site of Boeing B-17G Flying Fortress 43-37667 on Meltham Moor, West Yorkshire

6th April 1945
B-17G 43-37667
447th BG, USAAF
Meltham Moor, Marsden

The aircraft was on a test flight to put hours onto new engines which had been fitted to the aircraft. The flight was from Rattlesden near Stowmarket in Suffolk.  The … Continue reading “1945-04-06|B-17G|43-37667|447th BG, USAAF|Meltham Moor, Marsden”

Crash site of Boeing B-17G 42-37840 near Port St Mary, Isle of Man

14th April 1945
B-17G 42-37840
306th BG, USAAF
The Chasms, Cregneash

The crew of the aircraft were flying the aircraft from Thurleigh in Bedfordshire to Langford Lodge in Co. Antrim where they were dropping off their passengers. The route to Langford … Continue reading “1945-04-14|B-17G|42-37840|306th BG, USAAF|The Chasms, Cregneash”

Memorial at the crash site of Boeing B-17G 43-38856 on North Barrule, Isle of Man

23rd April 1945
B-17G 43-38856
381st BG, USAAF
North Barrule, Maughold

The aircraft was on a ferry flight from Ridgewell in Esssex to Nutts Corner in Northern Ireland with a normal ferry crew and a large number of passengers.  These passengers … Continue reading “1945-04-23|B-17G|43-38856|381st BG, USAAF|North Barrule, Maughold”

Wreckage below the crash site of B-17G 44-8683 on Greath Whernside, North Yorkshire.

17th May 1945
B-17G 44-8683
388th BG, USAAF
Great Whernside, North Yorkshire

Following the end of the war in Europe many units were winding down or in some cases preparing to move to the Far East where the war was continuing against … Continue reading “1945-05-17|B-17G|44-8683|388th BG, USAAF|Great Whernside, North Yorkshire”

The crash site of North American P-51D Mustang 44-64084 near Glossop, Derbyshire

29th May 1945
P-51D 44-64084
Nr Glossop, Derbyshire

The aircraft flew into rising ground at high speed while the pilot was attempting to get below low cloud to ascertain his position. Witnesses saw the aircraft perform a sharp … Continue reading “1945-05-29|P-51D|44-64084|4th FG, USAAF|Nr Glossop, Derbyshire”

Wreckage at the crash site of North American P-51D Mustang 44-72181 on Castleshaw Moor, Oldham

29th May 1945
P-51D 44-72181
Castleshaw Moor, Oldham

North American P-51D Mustang 44-72181 / VF-S ‘Sunny VIII’ of the 366th Fighter Squadron, 4th Fighter Group, crashed on Castleshaw Moor 29th May 1945 while being ferried from Debden to Speke   Harold H. Fredericks 1st Lieutenant Pilot Killed  

Memorial plaque below the crash site of B-17 44-8639 on Craig Cwm Llwyd, Copyright - Peak District Air Accident Research

8th June 1945
B-17G 44-8639
351st BG, USAAF
Craig Cwm Llwyd, Gwynedd

Following the end of conflict in Europe US Forces began to return home, some as their period of service came to an end and others in preparation for the expected … Continue reading “1945-06-08|B-17G|44-8639|351st BG, USAAF|Craig Cwm Llwyd, Gwynedd”

Scattered parts at the crash site on Goodman's Cairn, Stranraer

12th June 1945
B-24M 44-50695
448th BG, USAAF
Goodman’s Cairn, Dumfries & Galloway

The aircraft was one a large number of B-24s which were to be returned by air to the United States following the end of the war in Europe. On the … Continue reading “1945-06-12|B-24M|44-50695|448th BG, USAAF|Goodman’s Cairn, Dumfries & Galloway”

Main crash site of B-24H 42-95095 on Sidhean Mor near Gairloch, overlooking the Fairy Lochans

13th June 1945
B-24H 42-95095
44th BG, USAAF
Sidhean Mor, Wester Ross

Throughout the summer of 1945 the USAAF was re-positioning personnel, either for demobilisation in the USA or to the Pacific for the continuing war against Japan. Many aircrew were returned … Continue reading “1945-06-13|B-24H|42-95095|44th BG, USAAF|Sidhean Mor, Wester Ross”

The main crash site of Consolidated B-24H 41-29369 near Tarskavaig, Isle of Skye

23rd July 1945
B-24H 41-29369
Tarskavaig, Isle of Skye

41-29369 was one of many aircraft that following the end of the war in Europe was being used to take aircrews back to the United States.  The aircraft were typically … Continue reading “1945-07-23|B-24H|41-29369|BAD 2, USAAF|Tarskavaig, Isle of Skye”

Wreckage at the crash site of Douglas C-47 42-108982 on Shelf Moor, Bleaklow

24th July 1945
C-47A 42-108982
314th TCG, USAAF
Shelf Moor, Bleaklow

The aircraft was being flown on a transport flight from airfield B.44 at Poix, to the SW of Amiens, in France to Renfrew. It had stopped at Leicester East and … Continue reading “1945-07-24|C-47A|42-108982|314th TCG, USAAF|Shelf Moor, Bleaklow”