Suggested books to read about aircraft accidents and crash sites, mainly UK high ground.

Some of the titles listed below are no longer in print, and
even some of the publishers has ceased trading with the consequence that they
can be hard to get.


Aircraft Wrecks: The Walker’s Guide
– Nick Wotherspoon, Alan Clark & Mark Sheldon ISBN 1844159108

Pen & Sword Aviation, 2009.

High Ground Wrecks and Relics

– David J. Smith ISBN 1-85780-070-2

Midland Publishing Ltd, 1989 & 1997.

Hell on High Ground

– David W. Earl ISBN 1-85310-569-4

Airlife Publishing Ltd, 1995.

Hell on High Ground Volume 2

– David W. Earl ISBN 1-84037-082-3

Airlife Publishing Ltd, 1999.


Rough Landing or Fatal Flight
– Steve Poole ISBN 1-901508-03

Amulree Publications, 1999.


Air Crashes in the Lake District
– Michael J. Hurst ISBN 1-85310-874-X

Airlife Publishing Ltd, 1997.


A Border Too High: A Guide to Wartime Crashes in the Border Hills
– Peter Clark ISBN 1900038300

Glen Graphics, 1999.

Air Crash Northumberland

– Russell Grey, Jim Corbett, Jonathan Shipley & Neil Anderson ISBN 1846741122

Countryside Books, 2008.

Almost Forgotten: The Search for Aviation Accidents in Northumberland

Amberley Publishing, 2012


North West Aircraft Wrecks
– Nick Wotherspoon ISBN 1844154785

Pen & Sword Aviation, 2006.


Nottinghamshire Air Crashes
– David Needham ISBN 1843064251

Lankmark Publishing Ltd, 2008


Dark Peak Aircraft Wrecks 1
– Ron Collier, Roni Wilkinson ISBN 0-85052-475-1

2nd Revised Edition ,Leo Cooper Ltd (Pen & Sword), 1997.

Dark Peak Aircraft Wrecks 2

– Ron Collier ISBN 0-85052-336-2

2nd Revised Edition, Leo Cooper Ltd (Pen & Sword), 1998.

Dark Peak Aircraft Wreck Walks

– John N. Merrill ISBN 1903627044

Walk & Write Ltd, 2001.

White Peak Aircraft Wreck Walks

– John N. Merrill ISBN 1-84173-000-9

Walk & Write Ltd, 2004.

A Moorlands Dedication

– Marshall S. Boylan ISBN 0-95205-580-5

William H. Beech, 1992.

Peakland Air Crashes – The South

– Patrick J. Cunningham ISBN 1-84306-186-4

Landmark Publishing Ltd, 2005.

Peakland Air Crashes – The Central Area

– Patrick J. Cunningham ISBN 1-843062208

Landmark Publishing Ltd, 2006

Peakland Air Crashes – The North

– Patrick J. Cunningham ISBN 1-843063301

Landmark Publishing Ltd, 2006


Almost Home: The Story of the B-24 Crash at Walliwall Orkney – 31 March 1945
– Davie Earl ISBN 095239281X

Hanover Publications, 2011

Lost to the Isles: Accounts of Military Aircrafts Accidents Around the Scottish Isles 1914-1941
– David Earl & Peter Dobson

Hanover Publications, 2013


Aircraft Crash Sites and the Stories Behind Them
– W. J. L. Roberts (for the Brecon Beacons National Park)

Brecon Beacons National Park Service, 1996.

Aircraft Crashes: Flying Accidents in Gwynedd, 1910-1990

– Roy Sloan ISBN 0-86381-281-3

Gwasg Carreg Gwalch, 1994.

All in a Day’s Work: RAF Mountain Rescue in Snowdonia, 1944-46 – David W. Earl ISBN 0-86381-554-5

Gwasg Carreg Gwalch, 1999.

No Landing Place

– Edward Doylerush ISBN 0-904597-57-1

Midland Counties Publications, 1985.

No Landing Place Volume 2

– Edward Doylerush ISBN 1-85780-090-7

Midland Publishing Ltd, 1999.

Fallen Eagles: Guide to Aircraft Crashes in North-east and Mid-Wales

– Edward Doylerush ISBN 0-904597-66-0

Midland Counties Publications, 1993.

The Legend of Llandwrog

– Edward Doylerush ISBN 0-904597-88-1

Midland Counties Publications, 1994.

Rocks in the Clouds: High-ground Aircraft Crashes of South Wales

– Edward Doylerush ISBN 1-85780-281-0

Midland Publishing Ltd, 2007.

Down in Wales

– Terence R. Hill ISBN 0-86381-283-X

Gwasg Carreg Gwalch, 1994.

Down In Wales 2

– Terence R. Hill ISBN 0-86381-401-8

Gwasg Carreg Gwalch, 1997.

Final Descent: Air Crashes in Wales and the Borders

– Terence R. Hill ISBN 0-85052-659-0

Leo Cooper Ltd (Pen & Sword), 1999.


Aircraft Down: Air Crashes in Wharfedale and Nidderdale
– Brian Lunn ISBN 0951125923

Hardwick Publications, 1988 (Revised same year).


Down in a Free State: Wartime Air Crashes and Forced Landing in Eire, 1939-1945,
John Quinn ISBN 0952549654

Belfast Cultural & Local History Group, 1999.

Landfall Ireland: The story of Allied and German aircraft which came down in
Eire in World War Two

– Donal MacCarron ISBN 1-904242-03-0

Colourpoint Books, 2003.

For more general books about aircraft losses see my
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