Memorial at the crash site of Fairey Battle Mk.I L5499 in woodland at Calverton, Nottinghamshire

13th October 1940
Battle Mk.I L5499
No.300 Sqn, RAF
Calverton, Nottinghamshire

The crew were on a sortie from RAF Swinderby, along with five other aircraft from the Squadron, to attack the harbour and shipping at Calais. They had taken off at … Continue reading “1940-10-13|Battle Mk.I|L5499|No.300 Sqn, RAF|Calverton, Nottinghamshire”

Crash site of Bristol Blenheim N3567 close to Ashbourne Airfield, Derbyshire

7th November 1942
Blenheim Mk.IV N3567
No.42 OTU, RAF
Ashbourne, Derbyshire

At 23:40 on the 7th November 1942 N3567 took off from Ashbourne on a local training flight, the aircraft was barely airborne when it suffered an engine failure and stalled. … Continue reading “1942-11-07|Blenheim Mk.IV|N3567|No.42 OTU, RAF|Ashbourne, Derbyshire”

Small fragments of wreckage at the crash site of Vickers Wellington Mk.III BK405 at Boylestone, Derbyshire

11th January 1943
Wellington Mk.III BK405
No.27 OTU, RAF
Boylestone, Derbyshire

It would appear that aircraft being airborne from Church Broughton for some 15 minutes on a Circuits and Landings exercise that the aircraft’s port engine failed, the pupil pilot inadvertently … Continue reading “1943-01-11|Wellington Mk.III|BK405|No.27 OTU, RAF|Boylestone, Derbyshire”

Crash site of Vickers Wellington Mk.IC R1538 on farmland near Dilhorne, Staffordshire

30th January 1943
Wellington Mk.IC R1538
No.28 OTU, RAF
Dilhorne, Staffordshire

This aircraft had taken off at 19:00 on the 29th January Wymeswold airfield near Loughborough, five other aircraft took off regular intervals around the same time, and a sixth aircraft … Continue reading “1943-01-30|Wellington Mk.IC|R1538|No.28 OTU, RAF|Dilhorne, Staffordshire”

Crash Site of Vickers Wellington Mk.III BK241 near Church Broughton, Derbyshire

3rd February 1943
Wellington Mk.III BK241
No.27 OTU, RAF
Nr Derby, Derbyshire

The crew were on a cross country exercise from Church Broughton near Derby, while close to the airfield control of the aircraft was lost and it spun into the ground … Continue reading “1943-02-03|Wellington Mk.III|BK241|No.27 OTU, RAF|Nr Derby, Derbyshire”

Crash site of Vickers Wellington Mk.III BK508 near Church Broughton, Derbyshire

4th April 1943
Wellington Mk.III BK508
No.27 OTU, RAF
Radbourne, Derbyshire

The aircraft which had been on a test flight from Church Broughton was on the down wind leg of its approach with the under carriage down for landing when the … Continue reading “1943-04-04|Wellington Mk.III|BK508|No.27 OTU, RAF|Radbourne, Derbyshire”

Crash site of Bristol Blenheim Mk.V AZ876 near Belper. Derbyshire

9th July 1943
Blenheim Mk.V AZ876
No.42 OTU, RAF
Belper, Derbyshire

The aircraft had taken off from Ashbourne at 01:30 for a practise bombing exercise at the range then in use between Carsington and Brassington, some twenty minutes later while flying … Continue reading “1943-07-09|Blenheim Mk.V|AZ876|No.42 OTU, RAF|Belper, Derbyshire”

Crash site of Armstrong Whitworth Whitley Mk.V Z9189 in a field near Darley Moor Airfield, Ashbourne

27th July 1943
Whitley Mk.V Z9189
No.42 OTU, RAF
Ashbourne, Derbyshire

At just after 00:20 on the 27th July 1943 Z9189 took off from Darley Moor airfield, a satellite of the larger airfield at Ashbourne. The aircraft was barely airborne when … Continue reading “1943-07-27|Whitley Mk.V|Z9189|No.42 OTU, RAF|Ashbourne, Derbyshire”

Crash site of Airspeed Oxford Mk.I LW959 at Henbury, Maccesfield

29th September 1943
Oxford Mk.I LW959
No.21 (P)AFU, RAF
Henbury, Cheshire

The instructor, who was onboard as a Safety Pilot, and student were carrying out a day cross country flight from Wheaton Aston near Stafford. The briefed route was Wheaton Aston … Continue reading “1943-09-29|Oxford Mk.I|LW959|No.21 (P)AFU, RAF|Henbury, Cheshire”

Crash site of Vickers Wellington Mk.IC DV435 near Belper, Derbyshire

24th November 1943
Wellington Mk.IC DV435
No.14 OTU, RAF
Belper, Derbyshire

The aircraft had taken off at 16:50 for a Bullseye exercise, just short of 4.5 hours later the aircraft was abandoned by its crew due to severe icing conditions causing … Continue reading “1943-11-24|Wellington Mk.IC|DV435|No.14 OTU, RAF|Belper, Derbyshire”

Memorial / Grave at the crash site of Republic P-47D Thunderbolt 42-7925 off Shrewbridge Road, Nantwich, Cheshire

14th January 1944
P-47D 42-7925
495th FTG, USAAF
Nantwich, Cheshire

At about 14:00 on the 14th January 1944 two flights of P-47s left Atcham near Shrewsbury with an instructor as flight leader. They climbed to between 22 and 24,000ft where … Continue reading “1944-01-14|P-47D|42-7925|495th FTG, USAAF|Nantwich, Cheshire”

Crash site of Republic P-47C Thunderbolt 41-6259 near Ashbourne, Derbyshire

19th January 1944
P-47C 41-6259
Sudbury, Derbyshire

The aircraft was being ferried, along with a second P-47, from Halesworth in southern England to Maghaberry in Northern Ireland for an overhaul. The weather en-route was poor, with 10/10ths … Continue reading “1944-01-19|P-47C|41-6259|27th ATG, USAAF|Sudbury, Derbyshire”

Aircraft wreckage at the crash site of Armstrong Whitworth Whitley Mk.V LA765 near Dilhorne, Staffordshire

31st January 1944
Whitley Mk.V LA765
No.81 OTU, RAF
Dilhorne, Staffordshire

Armstrong Whitworth Whitley Mk.V LA765 of No.81 OTU crashed at Dilhorne, Stoke-on-trent, 31st January 1944 while flying from Whitchurch Heath in Shropshire   Ian Leslie Wilkinson Sergeant Pilot Killed John Frederick Cusworth Flying Officer Navigator Killed George Victor Bourne Sergeant Bomb Aimer Killed Andrew Harkes Robertson Sergeant Wireless Operator Killed Thomas H. Weightman Flight Sergeant … Continue reading “1944-01-31|Whitley Mk.V|LA765|No.81 OTU, RAF|Dilhorne, Staffordshire”

Crash site of Handley Page Halifax Mk.II BB320 at Cellerhead near Leek, Staffordshire

7th February 1944
Halifax Mk.II BB320
No.1656 HCU, RAF
Cellerhead, Staffordshire

The crew were on a night navigation exercise from RAF Lindholme near Doncaster, having taken off at 17:40.  A little under an hour into the flight the aircraft was seen … Continue reading “1944-02-07|Halifax Mk.II|BB320|No.1656 HCU, RAF|Cellerhead, Staffordshire”

Lifting the propeller from the crash site of Armstrong Whitworth Albemarle V1604

11th March 1944
Albemarle Mk.II V1604
No.42 OTU, RAF
Ashbourne, Derbyshire

The aircraft, Albemarle Mk.II V1604 of No.42 Operational Training Unit had taken off from Ashbourne at 23:42 on the 11th March 1944 on a cross country flight.  After some 3 … Continue reading “1944-03-11|Albemarle Mk.II|V1604|No.42 OTU, RAF|Ashbourne, Derbyshire”

Memorial in the churchyard at Mayfield Parish Church, dedicated to the crew of Vickers Wellington Mk.X LP397

13th June 1944
Wellington Mk.X LP397
No.28 OTU, RAF
Mayfield, Staffordshire

The crash occurred while the aircraft was on a cross country exercise from Castle Donington, about 25 minutes after it took off it entered a thunderstorm, shortly afterwards the aircraft … Continue reading “1944-06-13|Wellington Mk.X|LP397|No.28 OTU, RAF|Mayfield, Staffordshire”

Inscription on the memorial stone near the crash site of Handley Page Halifax Mk.III MZ519 at Farnsfield, Nottinghamshire

6th July 1944
Halifax Mk.III MZ519
No.578 Sqn, RAF
Fansfield, Nottinghamshire

Handley Page Halifax Mk.III MZ519 / LK-U of No.578 Squadron, RAF, crashed close to the village of Farnsfield in Nottinghamshire on the 6th July 1944 while returning the Burn in Yorkshire from Croixdalle where it had taken part in an attack on V-1 launch sites   Reginald Parfitt Pilot Officer, RAFVR Pilot Killed Brian Grahame … Continue reading “1944-07-06|Halifax Mk.III|MZ519|No.578 Sqn, RAF|Fansfield, Nottinghamshire”

Memorial ceremony at Riverside Road, Upper Tean, crash site of Republic P-47D 42-22491

14th July 1944
P-47D 42-22491
495th FTG, USAAF
Upper Tean, Staffordshire

22 Year old 2nd Lieutenant Donald M. Pfaff, pictured above, of Homestead PA (to the SE of Pittsburgh) was flying in the No.3 position of a 4 ship battle formation … Continue reading “1944-07-14|P-47D|42-22491|495th FTG, USAAF|Upper Tean, Staffordshire”

The crash site of Vickers Wellington MF584 near Marchington, Staffordshire

18th July 1944
Wellington Mk.X MF584
No.27 OTU, RAF
Marchington, Staffordshire

The crew were carrying out a bombing exercise over Cannock Chase, having taken off from RAF Lichfield at 18:30. While at 9000 feet above Cannock Chase a severe vibration developed … Continue reading “1944-07-18|Wellington Mk.X|MF584|No.27 OTU, RAF|Marchington, Staffordshire”

Memorial at the crash site of Armstrong Whitworth Whitley BD230 on farm land at Bullhurst Hill, Weston Underwood, Derby

24th July 1944
Whitley Mk.V BD230
No.42 OTU, RAF
Weston Underwood, Derbyshire

The crew had flown a night cross country navigation flight and were returning to their home base at Ashbourne when the aircraft dived into the ground only a few miles … Continue reading “1944-07-24|Whitley Mk.V|BD230|No.42 OTU, RAF|Weston Underwood, Derbyshire”

Crash site of Republic P-47D 42-74728 at Greenway Hall, Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire

24th August 1944
P-47D 42-74728
495th FTG, USAAF
Stockton Brook, Staffordshire

2nd Lt Fulton was on an instrument and aerobatics training flight from Atcham with another P-47. After completing the instrument phase of the flight both pilots commenced their assigned aerobatics … Continue reading “1944-08-24|P-47D|42-74728|495th FTG, USAAF|Stockton Brook, Staffordshire”

Memorial at the crash site of Martin Baltimore AG689 at Tedsmore Hall, Shropshire

16th September 1944
Baltimore Mk.I AG689
Tedsmore Hall, Shropshire

The five officers were all attached to No.9 Course at the Empire Central Flying School at RAF Hullavington, which had started on the 24th August 1944, where officers from the … Continue reading “1944-09-16|Baltimore Mk.I|AG689|ECFS, RAF|Tedsmore Hall, Shropshire”

Memorial near the crash site of Boeing B-17G 43-37776 at Nailstone, Leicestershire

27th September 1944
B-17G 43-37776
490th BG, USAAF
Nailstone, Leicestershire

* 83rd Station Complement Squadron # Army Air Corps Of the crew and passengers 5 were subsequently buried at Cambridge American Cemetery.

Crash site of Vickers Wellington Mk.XIII NC611 at Trusley, Derbyshire

25th June 1946
Wellington Mk.XIII NC661
RAF Shawbury
Trusley, Derbyshire

At 13:30 on the 25th June 1946 NC661 took off on a cross country flight, after only 40 minutes in the air the aircraft suffered failure of the starboard engine … Continue reading “1946-06-25|Wellington Mk.XIII|NC661|RAF Shawbury|Trusley, Derbyshire”

de Havilland Hornet PX244

4th November 1948
Hornet F. Mk.1 PX244
No.41 Sqn, RAF
Radbourne, Derbyshire

While at 8000ft on a “Calibration flight + aerobatics” from Church Fenton both engines cut.  The pilot attempted a forced landing but before slowing, the aircraft ploughed through a hedge … Continue reading “1948-11-04|Hornet F. Mk.1|PX244|No.41 Sqn, RAF|Radbourne, Derbyshire”

Crash site of English Electric Canberra WH669 at Dilhorne, Staffordshire

27th March 1953
Canberra B. Mk.2 WH669
No.10 Sqn, RAF
Dilhorne, Staffordshire

The crew were carrying out Local Continuation Training from RAF Scampton near Lincoln, this included approach training from high level. The approach training was a mixture of B.A.B.S (Beam Approach … Continue reading “1953-03-27|Canberra B. Mk.2|WH669|No.10 Sqn, RAF|Dilhorne, Staffordshire”