Crash site of Lockheed Hudson N7294 near Captain Cooks Monument, Easby Moor

11th February 1940
Hudson Mk.I N7294
No.220 Sqn, RAF
Easby Moor, Great Ayton

The aircraft was being used to carry out a patrol from Thornaby. Shortly after take off the aircraft’s windscreen iced up blocking forward vision, shortly after this occurring the aircraft … Continue reading “1940-02-11|Hudson Mk.I|N7294|No.220 Sqn, RAF|Easby Moor, Great Ayton”

Wreckage at the crash site of Armstrong Whitworth Whitley T4138 on Arden Great Moor, North Yorkshire

16th December 1940
Whitley Mk.V T4138
No.77 Sqn, RAF
Arden Great Moor

Three of the crew, P/O Miller, Sgt Gilbert and Sgt Thorpe had previously survived the ditching of Whitley T4151 off the Northumbrian coast a month before this crash.

Crash site of Lockheed Hudson T9371 on Pamperdale Moor near Ingleby Arncliffe, North Yorkshire

22nd January 1941
Hudson Mk.II T9371
No.220 Sqn, RAF
Pamperdale Moor, Ingleby Arncliffe

The aircraft was on ferry flight from St Eval in Cornwall back to Thornaby. At about 11:30 the aircraft crashed on Pamperdale Moor and burned out. Thomas Joseph McHugh was … Continue reading “1941-01-22|Hudson Mk.II|T9371|No.220 Sqn, RAF|Pamperdale Moor, Ingleby Arncliffe”

Crash site of Armstrong Whitworth Whitley Z6663

9th June 1941
Whitley Mk.V Z6663
No.51 Sqn, RAF
Bank Foot, Ingleby Greenhow

Whitley Mk.V Z6663 coded MH-D of 51 Squadron RAF, crashed at Bank Foot near Ingleby Greenhow on the 9th June 1941 while returning from Dortmund   Gordon Stubbs Flight Sergeant Pilot Killed James Raymond Pertwee Pilot Officer Pilot Killed William Charles Goy Roper Sergeant Observer Killed Charles Frederick Ranson Sergeant Wireless Operator / Air Gunner … Continue reading “1941-06-09|Whitley Mk.V|Z6663|No.51 Sqn, RAF|Bank Foot, Ingleby Greenhow”

Crash site of Dornier 217 4342 U5+GR on Easterside Hill, Hawnby, North Yorkshire

17th December 1942
Do217E-4 4342 / U5+GR
KG2, Luftwaffe
Easterside Hill, Hawnby

The aircraft was being used to take part in a night raid against York. The crew had departed their home base at Deelan in Holland and while flying the inbound … Continue reading “1942-12-17|Do217E-4|4342 / U5+GR|KG2, Luftwaffe|Easterside Hill, Hawnby”

Crash site of Avro Lancaster Mk.I ED481 on Hawnby Hill, North Yorkshire

30th January 1943
Lancaster Mk.I ED481
No.9 Sqn, RAF
Hawnby Hill, Hawnby

Although Flight Sergeant Nelson was serving with the Royal Canadian Air Force he was in fact American, being from Wilkinsburg Pennsylvannia. The crew had carried out a sortie against Hamburg … Continue reading “1943-01-30|Lancaster Mk.I|ED481|No.9 Sqn, RAF|Hawnby Hill, Hawnby”

Crash site of Vickers Wellington Mk.III BJ778 on Black Intake Moor, North Yorkshire

12th February 1943
Wellington Mk.III BJ778
No.427 Sqn, RCAF
Black Intake Moor, Chop Gate

Wellington Mk.III BJ778 ZL-A of No.427 Squadron, Royal Canadian Air Force flew into Black Intake Moor whilst returning from a raid against La Havre in France on the 12th February 1943   Oscar Philip Edwin Ronald J. Adlam Sergeant Pilot Killed Bryan Dunn Flying Officer Navigator Killed Arnold Charles Clifford Sergeant Bomb Aimer Killed William … Continue reading “1943-02-12|Wellington Mk.III|BJ778|No.427 Sqn, RCAF|Black Intake Moor, Chop Gate”

Wreckage at the crash site of Bristol Beaufighter Mk.I R2152 on Urra Moor, North Yorkshire

28th April 1943
Beaufighter Mk.I R2152
Urra Moor, Chop Gate

The crew were on a training flight from RAF Catfoss in East Yorkshire when the aircraft crashed into the heather moor land on Urra Moor causing the it to completely … Continue reading “1943-04-28|Beaufighter Mk.I|R2152|No.2 OTU, RAF|Urra Moor, Chop Gate”

Crash site of Handley Page Halifax LW334 on Black Hambleton near Osmothery, North Yorkshire

18th January 1944
Halifax Mk.II LW334
No.1659 HCU, RAF
Black Hambleton, Osmotherley

Handley Page Halifax Mk.II LW334 of No.1659 Heavy Conversion Unit RAF, crashed on the eastern side of Black Hambleton near Osmotherley on the 18th January 1944 while on a day time cross country flight from Topcliffe   Joseph Pierre Lavallee RCAF Flying Officer Pilot Killed Richard George Kimball RCAF Sergeant Navigator Killed Wilfred Leger Boisvert … Continue reading “1944-01-18|Halifax Mk.II|LW334|No.1659 HCU, RAF|Black Hambleton, Osmotherley”

Main crash site of Halifax LL178 on Kepwick Moor in the North Yorkshire Moors

18th March 1944
Halifax Mk.V LL178
No.434 Sqn, RCAF
Nr Kepwick

The aircraft flew into the high ground to the south of Arden Great Moor while returning to RAF Croft from a “Gardening” mine laying operation off Heligoland in poor weather. … Continue reading “1944-03-18|Halifax Mk.V|LL178|No.434 Sqn, RCAF|Nr Kepwick”

Memorial at the crash site of Handley Page Halifax Mk.III LK878 at Felixkirk, Thirsk, North Yorkshire

15th January 1945
Halifax Mk.III LK878
No.1659 HCU, RAF
Felixkirk, North Yorkshire

On the 15th January 1945 Flying Officer Mooney and his crew were briefed to carry out local flying with circuits and landing practice from RAF Topcliffe to the southwest of … Continue reading “1945-01-15|Halifax Mk.III|LK878|No.1659 HCU, RAF|Felixkirk, North Yorkshire”

Wreckage at the crash site of Supermarine Spitfire SM278 on Arden Great Moor, North Yorkshire

16th September 1945
Spitfire Mk.XVI SM278
No.567 Sqn, RAF
Arden Great Moor

The pilot was returning the aircraft from Acklington to Manston following the celebration of Battle of Britain day at the former.

Crash site of Supermarine Spitfire PK617 on Commondale Moor, North Yorkshire

13th February 1949
Spitfire Mk.22 PK617
No.608 Sqn, RAuxAF
Raven Gill, Commondale

The pilot was on a training flight from Thornaby when his aircraft dived into the ground while he was performing low level aerobatics.

Crash site of North American Sabre XD733, Hood Hill, North Yorkshire

21st September 1954
Sabre F. Mk.4 XD733
No.66 Sqn, RAF
Hood Hill, Kilburn

The pilot had been carrying out a night cross country exercise from RAF Linton-on-Ouse having taken off at 20:15. About an hour later he returned to the York area from … Continue reading “1954-09-21|Sabre F. Mk.4|XD733|No.66 Sqn, RAF|Hood Hill, Kilburn”

Crash site of Jet Provost XW426 in Dalby Forest, Pickering

23rd January 1978
Jet Provost T. Mk.5 XW426
High Dalby, Pickering

The two crew of XW426 were on a daytime training flight from RAF Linton-on-Ouse near York. While above cloud the pupil pilot began a descending turn. The rate of turn … Continue reading “1978-01-23|Jet Provost T. Mk.5|XW426|No.1 FTS, RAF|High Dalby, Pickering”