Avro Anson T. Mk.20 VM418 of No.1 ITS, Jurby crashed on Clagh Ouyr near Ramsey on the 6th September 1953


Francis Richard Worthington Group Captain Pilot Killed
George Arthur Richmond Group Captain Passenger Killed
Francis James Fenton Wing Commander Passenger Killed
Roy Patrick Charter BEM Squadron Leader Passenger Killed

The aircraft was the Jurby station flight and communications aircraft.  On the 6th September the Station O.C. Group Captain Francis Richard Worthington took off in the aircraft and headed for Millom in Cumbria.  There he met Group Captain George Arthur Richmond who was to take over from Grp. Capt. Worthington as Officer Commanding at Jurby, also with him were Wing Commander Francis James Fenton and Squadron Leader Roy Patrick Charters.

All four boarded VM418 for the return flight to Jurby which should have taken about 35 minutes.  The aircraft was reported overdue at 13:40, an hour after it had left Millom.  The following day the aircraft was located on Clagh Ouyr, all four on board had been killed in the crash and the aircraft completely destroyed.

Crash site of Avro Anson VM418 on Clagh Ouyr, Isle of Man - copyright Peak District Air Accident Research
Nothing remains at the crash site of VM418 today, proving that occasionally clean ups can remove all trace of a crash.
Grave of Group Captain Worthington at Jurby Churchyard
Group Captain Worthington was laid to rest at Jurby, above is a photo of his headstone.