Handley Page Halifax C. Mk.8 G-AJNZ belonging to World Air Freight crashed on Cronk ny Arrey Laa on the 28th September 1948


John Frederick George Savage Captain Pilot Killed
Richard Lansdowne Miller Navigating Officer Navigator Killed
Oswald Harold Guppy Hiscock Radio Officer Radio Operator Killed
Albert Harry Noon Engineering Officer Flight Engineer Killed


The aircraft was flying the last of six round trips from Speke, Liverpool, to Nutts Corner, Northern Ireland, it was scheduled to make during the 27th/28th September.  The aircraft had been carrying nearly 1150 gallons of milk on each flight from Northern Ireland back to Liverpool to help make up a shortage being experienced at the time in some areas of the UK.

The aircraft left Nutts Corner at 09:30 and had been in contact with Nutts Corner by radio until passing into the Northern Flight Information Region where contact was made with the Northern area controller.  This was followed by further contact at 09:59 which ended abruptly mid-sentence with “I am over or abeam I O”, both the northern area controller, Ronaldsway and Speke attempted to contact the aircraft with no response.  A search for the aircraft was begun immediately and at about 12:30 the commandant of Ronaldway airport located the wreckage of the aircraft.  It had struck the very summit of Cronk ny Arrey Laa slid off the summit and landed about 200 yards down hill on the eastern side of the hill where the aircraft broke up killing the crew

Undercarriage wreckage at the crash site of Handley Page Halifax G-AJNZ on Cronk ny Arrey Laa
The site where G-AJNZ came to rest is marked by this bare patch and piece of the aircraft’s undercarriage.