Lockheed Hudson Mk.I N7337 of No.1 (Coastal) Operational Training Unit flew into North Barrule on the 9th September 1941

Lockheed Hudson at the Royal Air Force Museum

John Bruton Healey Sergeant Pilot Killed
Joseph Anthony Moore Sergeant Pilot Killed
Norman Eric Eggleton Sergeant Wireless Operator / Air Gunner Killed
Reginald Joseph Clarke Sergeant ? Killed


The crew were on a training flight from Silloth in Cumbria.  They had been briefed to remain in areas free of fog and low cloud, however the aircraft ended up in low cloud.  People living in the villages to the east of North Barrule heard the aircraft fly over head and then the sound of the aircraft crashing.  The aircraft burst into flames and was completely destroyed.

Single piece of wreckage at the crash site of Lockheed Hudson N7337 on North Barrule
Virtually nothing remains to mark the spot where N7337 flew into North Barrule, though this section of window surround is identifiable as being from a Hudson.
Image copyright: Mark Sheldon.