Piper Cherokee G-ASEK crashed at Esk Hause near Scafell Pike on the 17th September 1966

Piper Cherokee at Islay Airport in 2007


Gerald Dunham Massy Pilot Killed
Lennox Aitchison Passenger Killed


The pilot and passenger were on a pleasure flight from Milfield in Northumberland, having taken off at 09:55 on the 17th September 1966.  They had flown out over Carlisle and then down into the Lake District, the aircraft had flown south down Borrowdale and continued on towards the south when it struck a large rock near Esk Hause which tore the starboard wing off and caused the aircraft to plough into the ground near by killing both occupants.

Pieces of wreckage near Esk Hause, Esk Dale, at the crash site of Piper Cherokee G-ASEK
Parts from the aircraft were still evident at the time of our visit in March 2007, including this collection of panels, one with the aircraft’s colour scheme still visible.
Lycoming engine from Piper Cherokee G-ASEK at Esk Hause in the Lake District
Near to the site is the aircraft’s Lycoming flat four engine, still in reasonable condition after over 40 years of the mountain.
Wreckage at the crash site of Piper Cherokee G-ASEK at Esk Hause
Among the panels is this section of door which still have the lock attached, also numerous pieces of interior trim can be found.
The rock near Esk Hause that Piper Cherokee G-ASEK flew into
This photograph replicates one in the accident report which is kept at the National Archives, the aircraft struck this rock with its starboard wing causing the aircraft to then plough into the ground on the opposite side.