Meteor F. Mk.4 RA487 of No.66 Sqn RAF crashed on Hagg Side near to Ladybower Reservoir on the 8th December 1950

Gloster Meteor F. Mk.4 at the MIdland Air Museum, Coventry


Joseph Harrington Sergeant Pilot OK


The pilot was on a night cross country navigation exercise from RAF Linton-on-Ouse near York when he became lost. As his fuel supply ran low Sgt Harrington attempted to force land the aircraft but almost struck a chimney on a factory. After this he decided to abandon the aircraft which he did safely. The aircraft continued on in a north easterly direction before diving into what by then was a plantation above Ladybower Reservoir. Sgt Harrington meanwhile had landed close to Castleton and was taken to the Police station where he was collected by the RAF Mountain Rescue team from No.28 MU at Harpur Hill.

Crash site of Gloster Meteor RA487 on Hagg Side in the Derwent Valley, Derbyshire
This is all that remains at the crash site of RA487 on Hagg Side, though there is a distinct depression in the ground caused by the fuselage and engines.