Miles Magister Mk.I L6909 of No.5 Elementary Flying Training School, crashed at Calton near Ashbourne on the 24th May 1941

Miles Magister at the Shuttleworth Collection


Charles Ward Lofthouse Flying Officer Pilot Uninjured
Unrecorded Unrecorded Pupil Uninjured


The pilot was carrying out dual instruction from RAF Meir on the edge of Stoke on Trent with an un-named pupil when they encountered poor weather and decided to force land the aircraft. This was carried out successfully at Calton close to Waterhouses between Leek and Ashbourne, when the weather cleared they attempted to take off from the field to return to Meir.

The take off was slightly up hill and as a consequence the aircraft did not build up enough speed to take off before it struck a wall at the opposite end of the field. The aircraft was damaged but not written off by the accident.