Miles Master Mk.II DK912 forced landed at Thorncliffe near Leek on the 1st July 1943 while with No.17 (Pilot) Advanced Flying Unit


Bernard Francis Lee Sergeant RAAF Pilot Uninjured


The pilot had taken off on a training flight from RAF Calveley near Nantwich when he became disorientated in the summer haze and could not find land marks that he recognised, he had been attempting to carry out a map reading flight although he had not been authorised for such a flight. He eventually forced landed the aircraft in a field close to the village of Thorncliffe during which the aircraft sustained serious damage. The aircraft was recorded as having Category E damage to the airframe and Cat. B to the engine.

Sgt Lee was killed on the 28th September 1944 (at the rank of Pilot Officer) while flying Typhoon MN998 with No.247 Squadron in Holland, his aircraft crashed 5km Southeast of Boxtel (some 20km NNW of Eindhoven).