North American Harvard Mk.IIB KF954 of No.6 Flying Training School forced landed near Buxton on the 7th August 1947

North American Harvard Mk.2B


John Stanley Wright Aircraftman 2nd Class Pilot Uninjured


AC2 Wright had taken off for a cross country flight at 11:15 and at some point became disorientated, unable to locate his position he decided to make a forced landing. He landed with the undercarriage extended, however the aircraft had not stopped by the time it reached the far end of the field and ran into a dry stone wall which caused the undercarriage to collapse causing minor damage to the airframe.

The incident was quickly reported to No.28 Maintenance Unit at Harpur Hill and the MRT which was based there went to the site but found that there was nothing for them to do except guarding the aircraft from a growing crowd of curious onlookers.

The aircraft was soon removed and repaired before returning to service.