Stinson Reliant Mk.I W7982 of No.1 Camouflage Unit, RAF, crashed at Brassington on the 15th April 1941


The Hon Ambrose Jordan Verney-Cave Sergeant Pilot Survived
Henry Albert Victor Drees Sergeant Passenger Survived
Clifford John Shelley Mr Passenger Survived


Sergeant Verney-Cave had left RAF Hendon in North London at 10:25am and flew to Baginton near Coventry, where he landed at 11:10. He was joined by Drees, a professional photographer before the war, and Shelley, a Camouflage Officer of the Civil Defence Camouflage Establishment at Leamington Spa, before proceeding to fly to the Sunderland area. After spending a short time in the North East they returned south heading for Baginton. At around 13:10 it was noticed that the wing tanks were showing empty. As the auxiliary tank was showing as full Sgt Verney-Cave switched the fuel supply cock to all tanks. Ten minutes later the engine spluttered and stopped as though starved of fuel. After changing the position of the fuel cock to the two other tanks and being unable to regain any power from the engine the aircraft was crash landed in a field at Longcliffe close to the village of Brassington. All three received minor injuries and the aircraft was considered a write off.

The commanding officer of No.1 Camouflage Unit felt that the engine had failed as it had been left until it was too late to switch over to the auxiliary tank and that subsequent crash landing was due to the area being unsuitable for a successful forced landing.

Both of the RAF crew would later receive Commissions and survived the conflict.

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