Handley Page Halifax Mk.II DT578 of No.1658 HCU crashed on Great Whernside after suffering structural failure on the 23rd November 1943


Stanley Chadwick Sergeant Pilot Killed
Frank Weldon Robson Sergeant Flight Engineer Killed
Frank James Robinson Sergeant Navigator Killed
Norman Martin Sergeant Bomb aimer Killed
Donald Paget Aitken Sergeant Wireless operator Killed
Ernest Stabler Sergeant Air gunner Killed
Kenneth Vincent Sergeant Air gunner Killed

The aircraft crashed close to where later B-17G 44-8683 and Mosquito N.F. Mk.36 RL197 crashed.

Wreckage at the crash site of Halifax DT578 on Great Whernside, Kettlewell, Yorkshire Dales
The main collection of wreckage is in this pit where the main body of the aircraft came to earth. Other bits are scattered around, but many have been ‘cleared’ and placed in this pit.