Boeing Vertol Chinook H.C. Mk.2 ZD576 of No.7 Squadron, RAF, crashed on Beinn Na Lice close to the Mull of Kintyre on the 2nd June 1994

Boeing Vertol Chinook


Richard David Cook Flight Lieutenant Pilot Killed
Jonathan Paul Tapper Flight Lieutenant Pilot (Captain) Killed
Graham William Forbes Master Air Loadmaster Loadmaster Killed
Kevin Andrew Hardie Sergeant Loadmaster Killed
Richard Allen Major (Army) Passenger Killed
Christopher John Biles OBE Colonel (Army) Passenger Killed
Dennis Stanley Bunting Detective Chief Inspector (RUC) Passenger Killed
Desmond Patrick Conroy QGM BEM Detective Chief Superintendent (RUC) Passenger Killed
Philip George Davidson Detective Superintendent (RUC) Passenger Killed
Stephen Andrew Davidson Detective Inspector (RUC) Passenger Killed
Christopher John Dockerty Major (Army) Passenger Killed
John Robert Deverell CB MBE Mr Passenger Killed
Martin George Dalton Mr Passenger Killed
John Charles Brian Fitzsimons MBE Assistant Chief Constable (RUC) Passenger Killed
Robert Patrick Foster Detective Superintendent (RUC) Passenger Killed
William Rutherford Gwilliam Detective Superintendent (RUC) Passenger Killed
Richard Lawrence Gregory-Smith Lieutenant Colonel (Army) Passenger Killed
John Stuart Haynes MBE Mr Passenger Killed
Anthony Robert Hornby MBE Major (Army) Passenger Killed
Anne Catherine James Mrs Passenger Killed
Kevin Michael Magee Detective Inspector (RUC) Passenger Killed
Michael Bruce Maltby Mr Passenger Killed
Maurice McLaughlin Neilly Detective Chief Superintendent (RUC) Passenger Killed
John Turbitt Phoenix Detective Superintendent (RUC) Passenger Killed
Roy Pugh Major (Army) Passenger Killed
Stephen Lewis Rickard Mr Passenger Killed
Gary Paul Sparks Major (Army) Passenger Killed
John William Tobias MBE Lieutenant Colonel (Army) Passenger Killed
George Victor Alexander Williams MBE QGM Lieutenant Colonel (Army) Passenger Killed


The aircraft was being used to fly personnel from the Army, security and intelligence services to a meeting at Fort George near Inverness. They had taken off from Aldergrove near Belfast and were flying in a north-easterly direction when the aircraft struck the western side of Beinn Na Lice close to the road which descends the steep slope to the Mull of Kintyre lighthouse. It travelled for some distance after the initial impact before coming to rest inverted in two major sections where a fire broke out destroying much of the wreckage.

Memorial cairn at the crash site of Boeing Vertol Chinook ZD576 on Beinn na Lice, Mull of Kintyre
The crash site of ZD576 was entirely cleared and was marked with this cairn, on the seaward side is a plaque dedicated to the memory of all those onboard.
The land in the background is the coast of Northern Ireland.