Consolidated B-24D Liberator 42-41030 flew into Beinn Nuis on the Isle of Arran on the 20th August 1943
The aircraft was not assigned to any specific unit but was part of the Knox Provisional Group

Consolidated B-24 Liberator at the RAF Museum


William M. Connolly 2nd Lieutenant Pilot Killed
Francis J. Chew Flight Officer Co-pilot Killed
Albert T. Spindle 2nd Lieutenant Navigator Killed
Robert J. Hartl 2nd Lieutenant Bombaimer Killed
Fred W. Brantner Staff Sergeant Flight Engineer Killed
Joseph B. Moore Staff Sergeant Radio Operator Killed
Chester E. Cislo Staff Sergeant Flight Engineer (Passenger) Killed
Glen Mathew Canon Peyton Sergeant Gunner Killed
Robert F. Daub Sergeant Gunner Killed
Louis Stanley Golis Sergeant Radio Operator (Passenger) Killed


Crew of Consolidated B-24 42-41030 while in the USA
The crew of 42-41030 shortly before they departed the USA for the UK.
Image Copyright: 1st Sgt Aaron Daub.

The crew had left Gander in Newfoundland for Prestwick at 19:46 GMT on the 19th August, having been one of at least 23 aircraft to depart Canada bound for the UK. At 06:27 GMT the radio operator made contact with Prestwick who provided the crew with a QDM (a magnetic course to steer towards Prestwick) of 092o this placed the aircraft slight north of due magnetic west from the airfield. Contact was made again a few minutes later when the crew reported being 10 miles from Prestwick at 4500ft, the flying control at Prestwick, named Dogwatch, radioed to tell the pilots to hold their altitude until advised. No further contact radio was received from the aircraft and it was reported missing after the other aircraft in the flight that took off around it had arrived.

The wreckage was located on the 23rd August by a shepherd on the western side of Beinn Nuis not far from the summit of the mountain. A watch recovered from the wreck showed the time of the crash to be 08:10. The aircraft that had taken off from Gander at around the same time were reported to have landed around 08:00. It would appear that the pilots were descending through the low cloud that covered the area that morning when they flew into the mountains of Arran.

Sergeant Robert F. Daub, Gunner aboard B-24 42-41030
Sgt Robert F. Daub, Gunner.
Image Copyright: 1st Sgt Aaron Daub.
Crash site of Consolidated B-24 42-41030 on Beinn Nuis, Isle of Arran
This photo was taken near where the aircraft impacted Beinn Nuis, there are some sections of wing and the main wheel legs where the aircraft impacted along with many small fragments.
Nose wheel at the crash site of Consolidated B-24 42-41030 on Beinn Nuis, Isle of Arran
On the opposite side of the ridge there are more parts from 42-41030 including the nose wheel leg.
Grave of 2nd Lieutenant Albert Spindle at Cambridge American Military Cemetery
2nd Lt Albert Spindle was buried at Cambridge American Cemetery.