B-24H Liberator 41-29369 of the USAAF, assigned to BAD 2, Warton, crashed near Tarskavaig on the Isle of Skye, 23rd July 1945 whilst flying from RAF Valley to Meeks Field on Iceland

Consolidated B-24 Liberator at the RAF Museum


William H. Bell 1st Lieutenant Pilot Killed  #
Theodore E. Lundell 1st Lieutenant Co-pilot Killed  #
Albert L. Harmonay 1st Lieutenant Navigator Killed  *
Svend E. Hansen Technical Sergeant Engineer Killed  *
Robert R. Bisbing Staff Sergeant Radio Operator Killed  *
Edward Grzesiek Flight Officer Passenger Killed  ~
George W. Baker Flight Officer Passenger Killed
Stephen A. Fenwick Flight Officer Passenger Killed  ^
Marvin Fleak Flight Officer Passenger Killed
Arthur A. Vogel 2nd Lieutenant Passenger Killed
Eldon E. Eads Flight Officer Passenger Killed  >
Edward J. Ruszala Flight Officer Passenger Killed  +
Wilbur L. Titus Flight Officer Passenger Killed
Newton D. Stanley Flight Officer Passenger Killed  Δ


41-29369 was one of many aircraft that following the end of the war in Europe was being used to take aircrews back to the United States.  The aircraft were typically approaching the end of their useful lives but only had to make it across the Atlantic.  The aircraft had taken off from RAF Valley on Anglesey bound for Meeks Field on Iceland.  When the aircraft nearing the southern end of the Isle of Skye the port outer engine caught fire, it would appear that the fire could not be brought under control as when the aircraft crossed the coast the port wing outboard of the No.1 engine broke away.  As the wing fell it struck the tail section causing it to separate from the aircraft before the plane dived into a hilltop and exploded, killing all those onboard.  An attempt had been made to escape the aircraft as one of the escape hatches was found with the release mechanism having been used.  The overall circumstances of this crash were like those of the loss of B-24 42-95095 near Gairloch a month earlier.

As with the earlier crash at Gairloch the crew of this aircraft were from a number of different units, 552nd A.F.B.U (#)., 561st A.F.B.U. (*), 1403rd A.F.B.U. (+), 434th T.C.G. (^), 436th T.C.G. (~), 439th T.C.G. (Δ) and A.A.C (>).  The accident report lists all of the passengers as being assigned to the 70th Reinforcement Depot, though their original units are listed on their graves.

Area of the foreshore at Tarskaviag, Isle of Skye, where the first wreckage crashed
Above it where the port outer wing landed, on the shore at Tarskavaig, the large rock and the house appear in a photo in the accident report.
Hill top near Tarskavaig where the tail section of Consolidated B-24H 41-29369 landed
Not far above Tarskavaig is where the tail landed, this is shown by the above photo.
The main crash site of Consolidated B-24H 41-29369 near Tarskavaig, Isle of Skye
The above shot shows where the main bulk of the aircraft landed, there is still some wreckage at the site (visible to the left of centre).


Of those who died in the accident 7 were subsequently buried at the American Cemetery at Cambridge, below are photographs of their graves, with the exception of T/Sgt Svend Hansen.

Grave of 1st Lieutenant Theodore E. Lundell at Cambridge American Military Cemetery
1st Lieutenant Theodore E. Lundell, Co-pilot.
Grave of 1st Lieutenant Albert L. Harmonay at Cambridge American Military Cemetery
1st Lieutenant Albert L. Harmonay, Navigator.
Grave of Flight Officer, Eldon E. Eads at Cambridge American Military Cemetery
Flight Officer, Eldon E. Eads, Passenger.
Grave of Flight Officer Edward Grzesiek at Cambridge American Military Cemetery
Flight Officer Edward Grzesiek, Passenger.
Grave of Flight Officer Edward J. Ruszala at Cambridge American Military Cemetery
Flight Officer Edward J. Ruszala, Passenger.
Grave of Flight Officer Newton D. Stanley at Cambridge American Military Cemetery
Flight Officer Newton D. Stanley, Passenger.