B-24M Liberator 44-50695 / IG-S of the 448th BG USAAF, crashed on Goodman’s Cairn near Stranraer on the 12th June 1945

Consolidated B-24 Liberator at the RAF Museum


James G. Blank Captain Pilot Killed
John K. Huber Jr 1st Lieutenant Co-pilot Killed
Bernard F. Pargh 1st Lieutenant Navigator Killed
Francis X. Pollio 1st Lieutenant Bomb Aimer Killed
Derward E. Merrow Technical Sergeant Engineer Killed
Morris L. Kanerak Technical Sergeant Radio Operator Killed
William T. Harriman Staff Sergeant Gunner Killed
Christopher C. King Staff Sergeant Gunner Killed
Louis F. Menrad Staff Sergeant Gunner Killed
John A. Wildman Staff Sergeant Gunner Killed
Heber H. Thompson Lieutenant Colonel Passenger Killed
Harold L. Earmart Captain Passenger Killed
Richard G. Pokorny Technical Sergeant Passenger Survived
Sidney G. Arrons Staff Sergeant Passenger Killed
Allan D. Good Staff Sergeant Passenger Killed
John R. May Staff Sergeant Passenger Survived
Aubrey W. Lindsey Sergeant Passenger Killed
Kenneth R. Nelson Sergeant Passenger Survived
Edmond C. Fortin Corporal Passenger Killed
George T. Gafney Jr Private First Class Passenger Killed


The aircraft was one a large number of B-24s which were to be returned by air to the United States following the end of the war in Europe. On the 12th June it’s crew were tasked with flying from their home station of Seething in Norfolk to Prestwick on the Ayrshire coast prior to continuing onwards across the Atlantic, they also had 10 passengers. The crew had followed the west coast of England northward, after crossing the Solway made a series of turns to try and continue following the coastline. Shortly after this the aircraft struck Goodman’s Cairn and broke up across the entire width of the ridge. What is not clear from either the USAAF accident report or the photographs it contained is the direction of flight.

The wreck itself is reported to have lain undiscovered for some time, it was only after one of the survivors was found near the foot of the hill by a gamekeeper that the crash site was located.

The following day another of the aircraft which were returning to the USA, B-24 42-95095, was lost near Gairloch.

Wreckage at the crash site of B-24 44-50695 on Goodman's Cairn, Stranraer
The remaining wreckage from the aircraft is gathering into a small number of collections.
This one contains a number of section of skinning and armour plate.
Scattered parts at the crash site on Goodman's Cairn, Stranraer
Further across the hill is another collection containing more pieces of the aircraft’s structure as well as the remains of a generator and fire extinguisher
More wreckage at the crash site on Goodman's Cairn, Stranraer
Further on from the previous collection is this small patch of wreckage, with a few other pieces scattered nearby.


Seven of the crew & passengers are buried at Cambridge American Cemetery.

The remainder were returned to the USA.

Grave of the pilot, Captin James G. Blank at the Cambridge American Military Cemetery
Captain James G. Blank, Pilot.
Grave of gunner, Staff Sergeant William T. Harriman at Cambridge American Military Cemetery
Staff Sergeant William T. Harriman, Gunner
Grave of gunner, Staff Sergeant Christopher C. King at Cambridge American Military Cemetery
Staff Sergeant Christopher C. King, Gunner.
Grave of gunner, Staff Sergeant Louis F. Menrad at Cambridge American Military Cemetery
Staff Sergeant Louis F. Menrad, Gunner.
Grave of Staff Sergeant Allan D. Good at Cambridge American Military Cemetery
Staff Sergeant Allan D. Good, Passenger.
Grave of Sergeant Aubrey W. Lindsey at Cambridge American Military Cemetery
Sergeant, Aubrey W. Lindsey, Passenger.
Grave of Corporal Edmond C. Fortin at Cambridge American Military Cemetery
Corporal Edmond C. Fortin, Passenger.