B-17E 41-9098 of the 97th Bomb Group USAAF, crashed on Craig Berwyn, Cadair Berwyn, 15 miles west of Oswestry, on the 11th August 1942 whilst on a flight from Polebrook to Burtonwood

Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress


Henry L. Gilbert 2nd Lieutenant Pilot Killed
Robert Earl Beers 2nd Lieutenant Co-pilot Killed
Lawrence G. Schmitt 2nd Lieutenant Navigator Killed
Leonard Holm Phillips 2nd Lieutenant Bombardier Killed
Stanislas Lepa Master Sergeant Gunner Killed
Robert A. Kemp Staff Sergeant Radio Operator Killed
Kenneth H. Branum Sergeant Gunner Killed
Wallace V. Sidders Sergeant Gunner Killed
Marvin A. Koepke Corporal Passenger Killed
Stanley G. Aldridge Corporal Passenger Killed
Fidel A. Villarreal Private Passenger Killed


The aircraft took off from Polebrook at 10:30 for cross country flight to Burtonwood, it was expected to arrive around 11:00. At 14:00 the aircraft was reported overdue, shortly afterwards it was reported to the Police that an aircraft had flown into the eastern side of the Berwyn ridge. The burnt out wreck was soon identified as the missing B-17.

Crash site of Boeing B-17 41-9098 on Craig Berwyn, Cadair Berwyn, Powys
This photo shows the scar left by 41-9098, very little remains in the scar, most of what can be seen is shale.