18th January 1919
Mottram, Greater Manchester

17th October 1919
Torside, Derbyshire

For sometime there has been a report of a late 1st World War biplane crash near Torside Reservoir, this it would now seem possibly did not happen, though an aircraft … Continue reading “1919-10-17|DH.9||RAF|Torside, Derbyshire”

de Havilland DH60X Cirrus Moth

14th May 1931
DH-60M Moth G-AAJX
National Flying Services Ltd
Matley, Hyde

DH60M G-AAJX was owned by National Flying Services at Hanworth Park in West London. On the 14th May 1931 it was being flown to Stanley Park airfield at Blackpool by … Continue reading “1931-05-14|DH-60M Moth|G-AAJX|National Flying Services Ltd|Matley, Hyde”

Crash site of de Havilland DH60X Cirrus Moth on Burbage Edge near Buxton

11th October 1934
Burbage Edge, Buxton

For many years it had been thought that a much earlier aircraft had come to grief on Burbage Edge, this being a DH-10 but this has now been proved not … Continue reading “1934-10-11|DH60X Moth|G-EBWA|Civil|Burbage Edge, Buxton”

23rd November 1934
DH80A Puss Moth G-AAZN
Bradnop, Leek

The 24 year old owner, and pilot, of the aircraft was flying from Southampton to Barton Aerodrome near Manchester when he encountered thick fog. While flying in these low visibility … Continue reading “1934-11-23|DH80A Puss Moth|G-AAZN|Civil|Bradnop, Leek”

Wreckage at the crash site of de Havilland Dragon G-ADEE on Fairsnape Fell, Bleasdale, Lancashire

26th October 1935
Dragon G-ADEE
Railway Air Services
Bleasdale, Lancashire

The aircraft was being flown from Liverpool’s Speke airport to Ronaldsway on the Isle of Man via Blackpool.  The aircraft had taken off at around 11:35 from Speke for the … Continue reading “1935-10-26|Dragon|G-ADEE|Railway Air Services|Bleasdale, Lancashire”

Crash site of de Havilland Moth G-ACGD on Broad Law, Scottish Border

26th September 1936
DH60G Moth Major G-ACGD
Broadlaw, Borders

The two men had taken off from a private aerodrome at Macmerry between Tranent and Haddington in East Lothian in an aircraft owned by the Edinburgh Flying Club, who used … Continue reading “1936-09-26|DH60G Moth Major|G-ACGD|Civil|Broadlaw, Borders”

The view towards Clatteringshaws Loch from the crash site of Dragonfly G-AEHC

2nd February 1937
Dragonfly G-AEHC
London Express Newspapers Ltd
Darnaw, Dumfries & Galloway

The Croydon based aircraft was being used to prove a safe air route from Renfrew to Speke under the sponsorship (and ownership) of the Daily Express in an unofficial response … Continue reading “1937-02-02|Dragonfly|G-AEHC|London Express Newspapers Ltd|Darnaw, Dumfries & Galloway”

de Havilland DH60X Cirrus Moth

18th July 1938
DH60M Moth K1112
Buxton, Derbyshire

The pilot of the aircraft, a member of the RAF Volunteer Reserve, was on a cross country exercise from Barton aerodrome via Brough in East Yorkshire and Tollerton in Nottinghamshire. … Continue reading “1938-07-18|DH60M Moth|K1112|No.17 EFTS, RAF|Buxton, Derbyshire”

Wreckage at the crash site of de Havilland Dragon Rapide G-AERE on Ettersgill Common, Teesdale, County Durham

20th June 1939
Dragon Rapide G-AERE
British American Air Services
Ettersgill, County Durham

British American Air Services had been chartered to provide an aircraft to fly John Crouch, a jockey retained to ride horses belonging to HM King George VI, from Heston in … Continue reading “1939-06-20|Dragon Rapide|G-AERE|British American Air Services|Ettersgill, County Durham”

30th August 1941
Leopard Moth AV986
No.14 FPP, ATA
Rushup Edge, Derbyshire

de Havilland Tiger Moth

17th December 1941
Tiger Moth BB811
Nr Matlock, Derbyshire

Gipsy Major engine at the crash site of de Havilland Queen Bee V4793 on Clogwyn Du'r Arddu, Snowdon

24th February 1942
Queen Bee V4793
Clogwyn Du’r Arrddu, Gwynedd

The de Havilland Queen Bee was a modification of the Tiger Moth bi-plane trainer, it was intended to be used a remotely operated target aircraft. The main modifications were the … Continue reading “1942-02-24|Queen Bee|V4793|No.1 AACU, RAF|Clogwyn Du’r Arrddu, Gwynedd”

Wreckage at the crash site of Mosquito DD750, White Crag, Silsden, Yorkshire

23rd March 1943
Mosquito N.F. Mk.II DD750
No.25 Sqn, RAF
Silsden, West Yorkshire

The two crew of Mosquito DD750, along with two other crews, had been deployed from their home base at RAF Church Fenton near York to RAF Coltishall in Norfolk during … Continue reading “1943-03-23|Mosquito N.F. Mk.II|DD750|No.25 Sqn, RAF|Silsden, West Yorkshire”

Mixed wreckage from de Havilland Mosquito DZ486 on Cranstackie, Durness

5th April 1943
Mosquito Mk.IV DZ486
No.618 Sqn, RAF
Cranstakie, Sutherland

The aircraft is reported to have flown over Durness and Balnakeil before turning south and flying down the glen towards Cranstackie, however the distribution of wreckage at the site suggests … Continue reading “1943-04-05|Mosquito Mk.IV|DZ486|No.618 Sqn, RAF|Cranstakie, Sutherland”

de Havilland Mosquito

16th August 1943
Mosquito N.F. Mk.II HJ929
No.410 Sqn, RCAF
Nr Matlock, Derbyshire

Wreckage at the crash site of de Havilland Mosquito P.R. Mk.IX MM244 near Loch Ness

5th November 1943
Mosquito P.R. Mk.IX MM244
No.544 Sqn, RAF
Nr Loch Ness, Inverness-shire

The two crew, along with six other crews, were on a high altitude cross country flight from RAF Benson. When at cruising altitude of 30,000 feet the aircraft suffered from … Continue reading “1943-11-05|Mosquito P.R. Mk.IX|MM244|No.544 Sqn, RAF|Nr Loch Ness, Inverness-shire”

Larger pieces of wreckage at the crash site of de Havilland Mosquito DD795 on Corserine, Rhinns of Kells

20th January 1944
Mosquito N.F. Mk.II DD795
No.60 OTU, RAF
Corserine, Dumfries & Galloway

The two crew were both trainees of No.9 Course at No.60 OTU which was stationed at High Ercall in Shropshire. During the night of the 20th / 21st January 1944 … Continue reading “1944-01-20|Mosquito N.F. Mk.II|DD795|No.60 OTU, RAF|Corserine, Dumfries & Galloway”

Wreckage at the crash site of de Havilland Mosquito HX862 on Drum, Conwy

25th September 1944
Mosquito F.B. Mk.VI HX862
No.60 OTU, RAF
Drum, Conwy

The crew of HX862 were on a night intruder exercise from RAF High Ercall in Shropshire as part of their night-fighter training course. Their briefed route was to take them … Continue reading “1944-09-25|Mosquito F.B. Mk.VI|HX862|No.60 OTU, RAF|Drum, Conwy”

Wreckage at the crash site of de Havilland Mosquito PF395 at Dean Rocks near Dovestones Reservoir, Greenfield

22nd October 1944
Mosquito Mk.XVI PF395
No.571 Sqn, RAF
Dean Rocks, Dovestones

The crew of the aircraft had successfully completed their raid on Hamburg and were returning to RAF Oakington near Cambridge when the port engine failed due to a cylinder head … Continue reading “1944-10-22|Mosquito Mk.XVI|PF395|No.571 Sqn, RAF|Dean Rocks, Dovestones”

Undercarriage at the crash site of de Havilland Mosquito DZ642 on Royl Field, Clift Hills, Shetland

22nd November 1944
Mosquito Mk.IV DZ642
No.627 Sqn, RAF
Royl Field, Shetland

On the 22nd November 1944 nine aircraft from No.627 Squadron were tasked to take part in an attack on U-Boat pens at Trondheim, though 2 were cancelled and 1 landed … Continue reading “1944-11-22|Mosquito Mk.IV|DZ642|No.627 Sqn, RAF|Royl Field, Shetland”

de Havilland Mosquito

2nd March 1945
Mosquito Mk.XX KB206
Cheddleton, Leek

de Havilland Mosquito Mk.XX KB206 of the Pathfinder Navigation Training Unit, crashed near Cheddleton, Staffordshire, on the 2nd March 1945 The two crew were undergoing training to be posted to … Continue reading “1945-03-02|Mosquito Mk.XX|KB206|PFFNTU, RAF|Cheddleton, Leek”

Wreckage at the crash site of de Havilland Tiger Moth T6464 on Blindstones Moss, Chew Brook, Oldham

12th April 1945
Tiger Moth Mk.II T6464
Blindstones Moss, Dovestones

The pilot had taken off from Sealand at 09:50 for a cross-country flight, just over 1.5 hours into the flight the pilot lost control of the aircraft in cloud and … Continue reading “1945-04-12|Tiger Moth Mk.II|T6464|No.24 EFTS, RAF|Blindstones Moss, Dovestones”

de Havilland Tiger Moth

9th July 1945
Tiger Moth Mk.II EM931
Bradfield, Sheffield

Wreckage at the crash site of de Havilland Mosquito NT544 near Keld, Yorkshire

10th January 1946
Mosquito N.F. Mk.30 NT544
No.54 OTU, RAF
Keld, North Yorkshire

de Havilland Mosquito N.F. Mk.30 NT544 of No.54 OTU crashed near Keld in Swaledale in North Yorkshire on the 10th January 1946 while the aircraft was on a training flight from RAF Leeming   Thomas Abel Roskilly Flight Lieutenant Pilot Killed Sidney Arthur Whiting Flight Sergeant Navigator Killed  

Remains of Mosquito TA525 at the crash site near Castle Bolton, Wensleydale, Yorkshire

14th February 1946
Mosquito F.B. Mk.VI TA525
No.13 OTU, RAF
Castle Bolton, North Yorkshire

de Havilland Mosquito F.B Mk.VI TA525 of No.13 OTU dived into the ground after loss of control in cloud on the morning of the 14th February 1946 near to Castle Bolton whilst on a solo training flight   Gebines La Hei Sergeant Vl. Z.M. (Royal Netherlands Navy) Pilot Killed  

Engines at the crash site of de Havilland Dominie X7394 on Broad Crag, Scafell Pike

30th August 1946
Dominie X7394
No.782 Sqn, RN
Broad Crag, Wasdale

The aircraft and air ambulance variant of the Dominie (military Dragon Rapide), based at RNAS Donibristle (HMS Merlin), was being used to fly a seriously ill patient from Abbottsinch, the … Continue reading “1946-08-30|Dominie|X7394|No.782 Sqn, RN|Broad Crag, Wasdale”

Wreckage found at the crash site of de Havilland Dragon Rapide G-AFFF on Craigton Hill, Milngavie, East Dunbartonshire

27th September 1946
Dragon Rapide G-AFFF
Scottish Airways
Craigton Hill, East Dunbartonshire

The aircraft was on a scheduled flight from Port Ellen (Islay) to Renfrew airport operated by Scottish Airways on behalf of British European Airways, having completed the outward flight earlier … Continue reading “1946-09-27|Dragon Rapide|G-AFFF|Scottish Airways|Craigton Hill, East Dunbartonshire”

Wreckage at the crash site of de Havilland Mosquito TV982 in Cwm Llan, Snowdon

21st July 1948
Mosquito T. Mk.III TV982
No.502 Sqn, RAuxAF
Cwm Llan, Gwynedd

For two weeks during July 1948 No.502 Squadron was on detachment to RAF Horsham St Faith near Norwich for their annual Armament Practice Camp. The exercises had finished at the … Continue reading “1948-07-21|Mosquito T. Mk.III|TV982|No.502 Sqn, RAuxAF|Cwm Llan, Gwynedd”

de Havilland Hornet PX244

4th November 1948
Hornet F. Mk.1 PX244
No.41 Sqn, RAF
Radbourne, Derbyshire

While at 8000ft on a “Calibration flight + aerobatics” from Church Fenton both engines cut.  The pilot attempted a forced landing but before slowing, the aircraft ploughed through a hedge … Continue reading “1948-11-04|Hornet F. Mk.1|PX244|No.41 Sqn, RAF|Radbourne, Derbyshire”

Wreckage at the crash site of de Havilland Mosquito RL197 on Great Whernside, Kettlewell, Yorkshire

13th December 1948
Mosquito N.F. Mk.36 RL197
No.228 OCU, RAF
Great Whernside, North Yorkshire

The two crew were on a training exercise from RAF Leeming near Northallerton when they flew into the western face of Great Whernside a short way below its summit in … Continue reading “1948-12-13|Mosquito N.F. Mk.36|RL197|No.228 OCU, RAF|Great Whernside, North Yorkshire”

Crash site of de Havilland Dominie X7400 on Dollar Law near Peebles, Scottish Borders

28th February 1949
Dominie Mk.I X7400
No.782 Sqn, RN
Dollar Law, Borders

The aircraft was being flown to RNAS Donibristle at Dalgety Bay in Fife when its port engine failed at 6,500ft, the pilot was unable to maintain height on one engine … Continue reading “1949-02-28|Dominie Mk.I|X7400|No.782 Sqn, RN|Dollar Law, Borders”

Wreckage at the crash site of de Havilland Vampire WA400 on Strines Moor near Sheffield in 2004

25th July 1951
Vampire F.B. Mk.5 WA400
No.102 FTS, RAF
Strines Moor, Bradfield

The pilot was on a training flight from RAF Finningly near Doncaster when he became disorientated.  As he had been airborne for some time the aircraft had used up almost … Continue reading “1951-07-25|Vampire F.B. Mk.5|WA400|No.102 FTS, RAF|Strines Moor, Bradfield”

Wreckage at the crash site of de Havilland Dragon Rapide G-AFMF on Simonburn Common, Hexham, Northumberland

19th February 1954
Dragon Rapide G-AFMF
Oldstead Aircraft
Simonburn Common, Northumberland

The aircraft, which was operated from Sunderland as a private charter aircraft, was being flown from Wolsington (Newcastle Airport) to Dublin with the Durham University Amateur Boxing team as passengers. … Continue reading “1954-02-19|Dragon Rapide|G-AFMF|Oldstead Aircraft|Simonburn Common, Northumberland”

Crash site of de Havilland Vampire VV602, Wildboarclough, Macclesfield, Cheshire

1st May 1954
Vampire F.B. Mk.5 VV602
No.613 Sqn, RAuxAF
Wildboarclough, Macclesfield

The aircraft was an English Electric built example of the Vampire F.B. Mk.5 and was equipped with the de Havilland Goblin Mk.2 centrifugal flow turbojet. It had been built at … Continue reading “1954-05-01|Vampire F.B. Mk.5|VV602|No.613 Sqn, RAuxAF|Wildboarclough, Macclesfield”

Excavating the crash site of de Havilland Vampire VV602, Wildboarclough, Macclesfield, Cheshire

1st May 1954
Vampire F.B. Mk.5 VV602
No.613 Sqn, RAuxAF
Wildboarclough, Macclesfield

This page follows on from that describing the loss of the aircraft. Following a visit to the site in September 2007 a licence was applied for to permit the excavation … Continue reading “1954-05-01|Vampire F.B. Mk.5|VV602|No.613 Sqn, RAuxAF|Wildboarclough, Macclesfield”

Crater at the crash site of de Havilland Vampire VV601 near Llyn Eigiau, the Carneddau, Snowdonia

19th April 1956
Vampire F.B. Mk.5 VV601
Nr Llyn Eigiau, Conwy

The pilot, 19 year old Fleet Air Arm trainee Robert Armitage, was undergoing advanced flying training at No.7 FTS at RAF Valley, having previously trained on Provosts at No.1 FTS … Continue reading “1956-04-19|Vampire F.B. Mk.5|VV601|No.7 FTS, RAF|Nr Llyn Eigiau, Conwy”

Wreckage at the crash site of de Havilland Venom WR557 at Farlam Currick, Croglin Fell

4th March 1957
Venom F.B. Mk.4 WR557
No.22 MU, RAF
Farlam Currick, Northumberland

Flight Lieutenant Marshall had taken off from RAF Silloth in Cumbria for a test flight in WR557. Just over fifteen minutes into the flight Flt Lt Marshall reported that the … Continue reading “1957-03-04|Venom F.B. Mk.4|WR557|No.22 MU, RAF|Farlam Currick, Northumberland”

Crash site of de Havilland Vampire T. Mk.11 XE866 on Stanage Edge near Hathersage, Derbyshire

7th August 1957
Vampire T. Mk.11 XE866
Stanage Edge, Hathersage

At 07:50 on the 8th August 1957 Flying Officers Jones and Brett took off in Vampire XE866 for a training flight from RAF Worksop. F/O Brett, under the instruction of … Continue reading “1957-08-07|Vampire T. Mk.11|XE866|No.4 FTS, RAF|Stanage Edge, Hathersage”

Crash site of de Havilland Dragon Rapide G-ALBC on Kinder Scout near Edale, Derbyshire

30th December 1963
Dragon Rapide G-ALBC
Solair Flying Services
Edale Moor, Kinder

de Havilland Dragon Rapide G-ALBC, Crashed near the summit of Kinder Scout on the 30th December 1963 when the aircraft was caught by a down draught while flying from Middle St George (now Teeside airport) to Ringway   Dennis Holmes Captain Pilot Injured John McWhirter Mr Co-pilot Injured