Impact point of Consolidated LB-30A Liberator AM261 on Mullach Buidhe near Goat Fell on the Isle of Arran

10th August 1941
LB-30A Liberator AM261
Mullach Buidhe, Isle of Arran

The aircraft had take off from Heathfield (Ayr) to fly to Gander in eastern Canada with ferry crews onboard with the intention of those crews ferrying new aircraft back across … Continue reading “1941-08-10|LB-30A Liberator|AM261|ATFERO, RAFFC|Mullach Buidhe, Isle of Arran”

Wooden marker placed close to the crash site of Consolidated Liberator AM915 on Arinarach Hill near Campbeltown

1st September 1941
Liberator Mk.I AM915
Arinarach Hill, Kintyre

The crash occurred while the aircraft was on the final leg of its journey from Montreal with a number of passengers bound for the UK.  They were a mix of … Continue reading “1941-09-01|Liberator Mk.I|AM915|BOAC|Arinarach Hill, Kintyre”

Wreckage at the crash site of Beech AT-7 on the Old Man of Coniston

14th October 1942
Beech AT-7 Unknown
Old Man of Coniston, Coniston

The number of Beech Model 18 aircraft in the UK was always low, and this aircraft would have been either the first or one of the first of the type … Continue reading “1942-10-14|Beech AT-7|Unknown|USAAF|Old Man of Coniston, Coniston”

Rolls Royce Merlin from Hawker Hurricane Mk.IV LD594 near Loch Doon

18th March 1944
Hurricane Mk.IV LD594
No.439 Sqn, RCAF
Meaul (Loch Doon), Dumfries & Galloway

The story of this aircraft is virtually the same as Typhoon JR439 of No.440 Sqn which crashed within a few minutes of LD594. On the 18th March the two Royal … Continue reading “1944-03-18|Hurricane Mk.IV|LD594|No.439 Sqn, RCAF|Meaul (Loch Doon), Dumfries & Galloway”

Memorial at the crash site of Hawker Typhoon JR439 near Dunharberry

18th March 1944
Typhoon Mk.IB JR439
No.440 Sqn, RCAF
Dunharberry, Dumfries & Galloway

On the 18th March 1944 No.440 and No.439 Squadrons of the Royal Canadian Air Force were being moved from RAF Ayr to RAF Hurn, Bournemouth, via RAF Woodvale in Lancashire. … Continue reading “1944-03-18|Typhoon Mk.IB|JR439|No.440 Sqn, RCAF|Dunharberry, Dumfries & Galloway”

Rolls Royce Griffon engine from Fairey Firefly DT977 on Blaeloch Hill near Largs

26th October 1944
Firefly F.R. Mk.I DT977
No.1770 Sqn, RN
Blaeloch Hill, Ayrshire

During the morning of the 26th October 1944 the Sub Lts Fairclough and King were on a radio navigation training exercise from RNAS Ayr (HMS Wagtail) before embarking on HMS … Continue reading “1944-10-26|Firefly F.R. Mk.I|DT977|No.1770 Sqn, RN|Blaeloch Hill, Ayrshire”

Small amount of wreckage at the crash site of Grumman Wildcat JV499 on Blackside, Sorn, Ayrshire

2nd December 1944
Wildcat Mk.V JV499
No.778 Sqn, RN
Blackside, Ayrshire

The 22 year old pilot was returning to No.778 Squadron’s home station of HMS Condor (RNAS Arbroath) from RAF Ayr on Saturday the 2nd December 1944. At some point during … Continue reading “1944-12-02|Wildcat Mk.V|JV499|No.778 Sqn, RN|Blackside, Ayrshire”

Armoured bulkhead at the crash site of Grumman Wildcat JV404 on Bennan, Newton Stewart, Dumfries & Galloway

11th September 1945
Wildcat Mk.V JV404
No.898 Sqn, RN
Bennan, Dumfries & Galloway

On the 11th September 1945 a number of Grumman Wildcats set out from HMS Blackcap at Stretton in Cheshire on a ferry flight to HMS Wagtail at Ayr. During that … Continue reading “1945-09-11|Wildcat Mk.V|JV404|No.898 Sqn, RN|Bennan, Dumfries & Galloway”