Crash site of Miles Master N7500 on Headmark Moss, Dalmellington, Ayrshire

23rd August 1940
Master Mk.I N7500
Dalmellington, Ayrshire

Master N7500 was being ferried from Reading to Montrose where the aircraft was to be assigned to No.8 Flying Training School. The pilot had become lost in cloud while over … Continue reading “1940-08-23|Master Mk.I|N7500|No.3 FPP, ATA|Dalmellington, Ayrshire”

Wreckage from Lockheed Hudson Mk.I N7235 near Loch Bradan

3rd March 1941
Hudson Mk.I N7235
No.224 Sqn, RAF
Loch Bradan, Ayrshire

The aircraft was being flown from No.224 Sqn’s home station of RAF Leuchars to RAF Aldergrove in Northern Ireland. It had taken off at 12:00 but failed to arrive at … Continue reading “1941-03-03|Hudson Mk.I|N7235|No.224 Sqn, RAF|Loch Bradan, Ayrshire”

Wreckage at the crash site of Oxford T1287 on Shalloch on Minnoch, Ayrshire

10th October 1941
Oxford Mk.I T1287
Shalloch on Minnoch, South Ayrshire

On the 10th October 1941 Oxford T1287 was being used for a training flight from RAF West Freugh near to Stranraer. There were two trainee Observers onboard the aircraft with … Continue reading “1941-10-10|Oxford Mk.I|T1287|No.4 AOS, RAF|Shalloch on Minnoch, South Ayrshire”

Crash site of Avro Anson Mk.I N5297 on Shalloch-on-Minnoch, South Ayrshire

2nd July 1942
Anson Mk.I N5297
No.2 (O)AFU, RAF
Shalloch-on-Minnoch, South Ayrshire

The aircraft was being used for a cross country navigation training flight with a crew of five, a staff pilot and wireless operator along with three trainees. After taking off … Continue reading “1942-07-02|Anson Mk.I|N5297|No.2 (O)AFU, RAF|Shalloch-on-Minnoch, South Ayrshire”

Crash site of Avro Anson DJ472 on Caisteal Abhail on the Isle of Arran

2nd August 1942
Anson Mk.I DJ472
No.1 (O)AFU
Caisteal Abhail, Isle of Arran

On the 2nd August 1942 Anson DJ472 left RAF Wigtown to the south of Newton Stewart in Galloway for a cross country navigation flight. At about 18:00 while on a … Continue reading “1942-08-02|Anson Mk.I|DJ472|No.1 (O)AFU|Caisteal Abhail, Isle of Arran”

Rolls Royce Griffon engine from Fairey Firefly DT977 on Blaeloch Hill near Largs

26th October 1944
Firefly F.R. Mk.I DT977
No.1770 Sqn, RN
Blaeloch Hill, Ayrshire

During the morning of the 26th October 1944 the Sub Lts Fairclough and King were on a radio navigation training exercise from RNAS Ayr (HMS Wagtail) before embarking on HMS … Continue reading “1944-10-26|Firefly F.R. Mk.I|DT977|No.1770 Sqn, RN|Blaeloch Hill, Ayrshire”

Small amount of wreckage at the crash site of Grumman Wildcat JV499 on Blackside, Sorn, Ayrshire

2nd December 1944
Wildcat Mk.V JV499
No.778 Sqn, RN
Blackside, Ayrshire

The 22 year old pilot was returning to No.778 Squadron’s home station of HMS Condor (RNAS Arbroath) from RAF Ayr on Saturday the 2nd December 1944. At some point during … Continue reading “1944-12-02|Wildcat Mk.V|JV499|No.778 Sqn, RN|Blackside, Ayrshire”

Wreckage at the crash site of Hawker Typhoon Mk.IB MN532 on Stony Hill, Muirkirk, East Ayrshire

27th March 1945
Typhoon Mk.IB MN532
No.56 OTU, RAF
Stony Hill, Ayrshire

Flying Officer Bellis was on a training flight from RAF Milfield in Northumberland on the 27th March 1945 when he flew into the south eastern flank of Stony Hill, near … Continue reading “1945-03-27|Typhoon Mk.IB|MN532|No.56 OTU, RAF|Stony Hill, Ayrshire”