The crash site of R1011 during late summer 2012 (that is if we'd had a summer in 2012).

30th January 1943
Wellington Mk.IC R1011
No.28 OTU, RAF
Birchen Bank Moss, Bleaklow

The crew were one of seven from No.28 OTU taking part in a Bullseye exercise from Wymeswold and the unit’s satellite airfield of Castle Donington (which is now in use … Continue reading “1943-01-30|Wellington Mk.IC|R1011|No.28 OTU, RAF|Birchen Bank Moss, Bleaklow”

Crash site of Vickers Wellington Mk.IC R1538 on farmland near Dilhorne, Staffordshire

30th January 1943
Wellington Mk.IC R1538
No.28 OTU, RAF
Dilhorne, Staffordshire

This aircraft had taken off at 19:00 on the 29th January Wymeswold airfield near Loughborough, five other aircraft took off regular intervals around the same time, and a sixth aircraft … Continue reading “1943-01-30|Wellington Mk.IC|R1538|No.28 OTU, RAF|Dilhorne, Staffordshire”

Memorial in the churchyard at Mayfield Parish Church, dedicated to the crew of Vickers Wellington Mk.X LP397

13th June 1944
Wellington Mk.X LP397
No.28 OTU, RAF
Mayfield, Staffordshire

The crash occurred while the aircraft was on a cross country exercise from Castle Donington, about 25 minutes after it took off it entered a thunderstorm, shortly afterwards the aircraft … Continue reading “1944-06-13|Wellington Mk.X|LP397|No.28 OTU, RAF|Mayfield, Staffordshire”