Wreckage from Lockheed Hudson Mk.I N7235 near Loch Bradan

3rd March 1941
Hudson Mk.I N7235
No.224 Sqn, RAF
Loch Bradan, Ayrshire

The aircraft was being flown from No.224 Sqn’s home station of RAF Leuchars to RAF Aldergrove in Northern Ireland. It had taken off at 12:00 but failed to arrive at … Continue reading “1941-03-03|Hudson Mk.I|N7235|No.224 Sqn, RAF|Loch Bradan, Ayrshire”

Impact point of Gloster Javelin XA825 on Emly Bank near Peebles

21st November 1960
Javelin F.A.W. Mk.6 XA825
No.29 Sqn, RAF
Emly Bank, Midlothian

The two crew were on a training flight from RAF Leuchars in Fife when their aircraft struck Emly Bank near Peebles and broke up over a wide area.

Crash site of Panavia Tornado ZE858 on Stainmore Common

21st October 1993
Tornado F. Mk.3 ZE858
No.43 Sqn, RAF
Stainmore, Cumbria

The aircraft, which was stationed at RAF Leuchars in Fife, was flying with 3 other Tornado F. Mk.3s. Together they were taking part in a low level training flight which … Continue reading “1993-10-21|Tornado F. Mk.3|ZE858|No.43 Sqn, RAF|Stainmore, Cumbria”