Crash site of Airspeed Oxford Mk.I EB717 on Burbage Edge near Buxton, Derbyshire

12th May 1943
Oxford Mk.I EB717
No.11 (P)AFU, RAF
Burbage Edge, Buxton

During the early hours the 12th May 1943 Sergeant John H. L. Wilson took off in Oxford EB717 for a night cross country flight from Wheaton Aston to the south … Continue reading “1943-05-12|Oxford Mk.I|EB717|No.11 (P)AFU, RAF|Burbage Edge, Buxton”

Crash site of Airspeed Oxford Mk.II X7064 on Moel y Gamelin, Llangollen, Denbighshire

20th February 1944
Oxford Mk.II X7064
No.11 (P)AFU, RAF
Moel y Gamelin, Denbighshire

During the evening of the 20th February 1944 Oxford X7064 took off from RAF Wrexham with two crew aboard for a night training flight. The flight was authorised as a … Continue reading “1944-02-20 |Oxford Mk.II|X7064|No.11 (P)AFU, RAF|Moel y Gamelin, Denbighshire”

Wreckage at the crash site of Airspeed Oxford Mk.I LX745 on Shining Tor, Derbyshire

12th March 1944
Oxford Mk.I LX745
No.11 (P)AFU, RAF
Shining Tor, Buxton

The aircraft was being used for a night cross country exercise from RAF Calveley near Nantwich. The briefed route was to have been Calveley – Wrexham – Lichfield – Calveley … Continue reading “1944-03-12|Oxford Mk.I|LX745|No.11 (P)AFU, RAF|Shining Tor, Buxton”

Wreckage at the crash site of Airspeed Oxford Mk.I HN429 on Axe Edge near Buxton

3rd November 1944
Oxford Mk.I HN429
No.11 (P)AFU, RAF
Axe Edge, Buxton

On the 3rd November 1944 the crew of three boarded (including an instructor) HN429 for a Beam Approach training exercise from RAF Cranage in Cheshire where No.1531 Beam Approach Training … Continue reading “1944-11-03|Oxford Mk.I|HN429|No.11 (P)AFU, RAF|Axe Edge, Buxton”

Wreckage at the crash site of Hawker Hurricane PG472, Whimberry Hill, Smithills, Winter Hill, Bolton, Lancashire

2nd February 1945
Hurricane Mk.IIC PG472
No.11 (P)AFU, RAF
Whimberry Hill, Lancashire

Hawker Hurricane Mk.IIC PG472 of No.11 (P)AFU crashed on Whimberry Hill in the Smithills area near Bolton, on the 2nd February 1945   Thomas Stanley Taylor Flight Sergeant Pilot Killed  

Wreckage of Hawker Hurricane PZ765, PZ851 and PZ854, at the crash site on Tintwhistle Knarr, Longdendale

22nd February 1945
Hurricane Mk.IIC PZ851, PZ765 & PZ854
No.11 (P)AFU, RAF
Tintwhistle Knarr, Longdendale

The flight of three aircraft had taken off  at 10:00 from RAF Calveley near Nantwich with F/Sgt Marien leading the flight. They had been tasked with practicing formation flying and … Continue reading “1945-02-22|Hurricane Mk.IIC|PZ851, PZ765 & PZ854|No.11 (P)AFU, RAF|Tintwhistle Knarr, Longdendale”