Crash site of Avro Anson Mk.I N5297 on Shalloch-on-Minnoch, South Ayrshire

2nd July 1942
Anson Mk.I N5297
No.2 (O)AFU, RAF
Shalloch-on-Minnoch, South Ayrshire

The aircraft was being used for a cross country navigation training flight with a crew of five, a staff pilot and wireless operator along with three trainees. After taking off … Continue reading “1942-07-02|Anson Mk.I|N5297|No.2 (O)AFU, RAF|Shalloch-on-Minnoch, South Ayrshire”

Wreckage at the crash site of Avro Anson N4919 on Wolfhole Crag, Tarnbrook, Lancashire

9th February 1944
Anson Mk.I N4919
No.2 (O)AFU, RAF
Wolfhole Crag, Lancashire

Avro Anson Mk.I N4919 of No.2 (Observer) Advanced Flying Unit, crashed on Wolfhole Crag above Tarnbrook in the Forest of Bowland, after becoming iced up in cloud on the 9th February 1944 while on a navigation exercise from Millom in Cumbria   Albert Dobson Flight Sergeant Pilot Injured Peter George Robert Edwards Sergeant 1st Navigator … Continue reading “1944-02-09|Anson Mk.I|N4919|No.2 (O)AFU, RAF|Wolfhole Crag, Lancashire”

20th March 1944
Anson Mk.I DJ680
No.2 (O)AFU, RAF
Hobson Moor, Hollingworth

The flight was recorded as being a Navigation Training exercise from RAF Millom in south west Cumbria, while flying in low cloud at 07:15 the aircraft struck Hollingworth Moor. The … Continue reading “1944-03-20|Anson Mk.I|DJ680|No.2 (O)AFU, RAF|Hobson Moor, Hollingworth”

Crash site of Avro Anson Mk.I AX583 on Drum, Conwy

25th April 1944
Anson Mk.I AX583
No.2 (O)AFU, RAF
Drum, Conwy

The crew of the aircraft were on a night navigation and bombing exercise from RAF Millom in Cumbria. The planned route, to be flown at 2,500ft, was Millom – Beaumaris … Continue reading “1944-04-25|Anson Mk.I|AX583|No.2 (O)AFU, RAF|Drum, Conwy”

Armstrong Siddeley Cheetah engine at the crash site of Avro Anson EG693 on Craigronald, Dumfries & Galloway

6th December 1944
Anson Mk.I EG693
No.2 (O)AFU, RAF
Craigronald, Dumfries & Galloway

The aircraft had taken off from Millom in southwest Cumbria for a navigation and bombing exercise, while flying south over the mountains of southern Scotland the aircraft struck the snow … Continue reading “1944-12-06|Anson Mk.I|EG693|No.2 (O)AFU, RAF|Craigronald, Dumfries & Galloway”