Crash site of McDonnell RF-4C Phantom on Cairnsmore of Fleet near Newton Stewart

28th March 1979
RF-4C 68-0566
10th TRW, USAF
Cairnsmore of Fleet, Dumfries & Galloway

The crew were on a low level reconnaissance training flight from RAF Alconbury near Huntingdon when the aircraft struck the southern side of Eastman’s Cairn, a ridge which extends west … Continue reading “1979-03-28|RF-4C|68-0566|10th TRW, USAF|Cairnsmore of Fleet, Dumfries & Galloway”

Fragment of magnesium casting at the crash site of McDonnell Douglas Phantom F.G.R. Mk.2 XV434 in the Yorkshire Dales

7th January 1986
Phantom F.G.R. Mk.2 XV434
No.29 Sqn, RAF
Buckden Pike, North Yorkshire

The crew were on a low level inception exercise from RAF Coningsby in Lincolnshire with 3 other aircraft, they were in the attacking pair. After an interception of the target … Continue reading “1986-01-07|Phantom F.G.R. Mk.2|XV434|No.29 Sqn, RAF|Buckden Pike, North Yorkshire”