Avro Avian G-EBVZ Crash Site Map

25th March 1928
Avian G-EBVZ
Stalybridge, Greater Manchester

Arrangements had been made for an aircraft from the Lancashire Aero Club, which at that time was at Woodford aerodrome, to fly Mr Browning (a member of the Club) and … Continue reading “1928-03-25|Avian|G-EBVZ|Civil|Stalybridge, Greater Manchester”

Crash site of Avro Shackleton M.R. Mk.3 WR970 at Foolow, Tideswell, Derbyshire

7th December 1956
Shackleton M.R. Mk.3 WR970
Foolow, Tideswell

At 10:42 on the 7th December 1956 WR970 took off from Woodford airfield and flew one and half circuits of the airfield before flying in an easterly direction and climbing … Continue reading “1956-12-07|Shackleton M.R. Mk.3|WR970|Avro|Foolow, Tideswell”