Canberra P.R. Mk.7 WT505 of No.58 Squadron, RAF, crashed on Ponsonby Fell near Gosforth on the western side of the Lake District on the 21st January 1956


William Falconer Wilfred Ninian Gough Flying Officer Pilot Killed
Douglas Cornforth Flying Officer Navigator Killed


Area English Electric Canberra WT505 crashed on Ponsonby Fell
We found no wreckage during our visit to Ponsonby Fell, but we know that the tail came to rest in the foreground of the photo. There is a photo showing the tail at the time in Air Crashes in The Lake District which was matched to this point.
The tail lay part way along the wreckage trail left by the crash, the last parts were just beyond the wall shown in the centre of the image.