Blenheim Mk.IV N3567 of No.42 OTU crashed close to Ashbourne airfield on the 7th November 1942

Bristol Blenheim Mk.IV


Walter Robert Mummery Flying Officer Pilot Injured
Thomas Ezra Clarke Aircraftman 1st Class Passenger Killed


At 23:40 on the 7th November 1942 N3567 took off from Ashbourne on a local training flight, the aircraft was barely airborne when it suffered an engine failure and stalled. The aircraft struck a row of trees near less than half a mile from the airfield boundary and crashed in the field beyond bursting into flames.

Crash site of Bristol Blenheim N3567 close to Ashbourne Airfield, Derbyshire
Looking across the crash site towards the line of trees the aircraft struck.
Grave of Aircraftman 1st Class Thomas Ezra Clark at Ashbourne Cemetery
Aircraftman Clarke was buried at Ashbourne Cemetery.