Whitley Mk.V Z6663 coded MH-D of 51 Squadron RAF, crashed at Bank Foot near Ingleby Greenhow on the 9th June 1941 while returning from Dortmund


Gordon Stubbs Flight Sergeant Pilot Killed
James Raymond Pertwee Pilot Officer Pilot Killed
William Charles Goy Roper Sergeant Observer Killed
Charles Frederick Ranson Sergeant Wireless Operator / Air Gunner Killed
James Cousins Flight Sergeant Air Gunner Killed


Crash site of Armstrong Whitworth Whitley Z6663
Very little of the aircraft remains at the crash site today, the site is in a disused quarry (it was disused at the time of the crash as well).


Grave of Pilot, Flight Sergeant Gordon Stubbs at Hathersage Churchyard, Derbyshire
The aircraft’s pilot F/Sgt Stubbs was laid to rest in Hathersage churchyard in Derbyshire.