Bristol Bulldog (T) K3936 from No.3 Flying Training School crashed at Butterton near Leek on the 4th January 1936

Bristol Bulldog at the Royal Air Force Museum, Hendon


Gwilym J. Maurice Leading Aircraftman Pilot Survived


The pilot of the aircraft was on a solo training flight from RAF Grantham when the aircraft’s Jupiter engine failed. LAC Maurice-Gwillyn attempted to force land in a field on Butterton Moor between Onecote and Butterton, but the aircraft did not stop before reaching a stone wall at the edge of the field. The impact with the wall caused sufficient damage to the airframe for it to be written off though the pilot survived. However he was killed just over a year later on the 22nd February 1937 at the age of 23. He was the pilot of Anson Mk.I K6158 when it crashed near Alkham in Kent killing him and another member of the crew, a third was severely injured and died 2 days later, the fourth crewman survived.

By coincidence Bulldog K3936 crashed just over a mile from where another Bulldog, K3939, also from No.3 FTS had crashed just short of 14 months earlier.