Miles Magister L8258 of No.5 Elementary Flying Training School forced landed at Cheddleton near Leek

James Stephen Coogan Leading Aircraftman Pilot Survived

On the 4th September LAC Coogan, a member of the RAFVR who was from Hobart in Tasmania, was to carry out solo aerobatics from Meir near Stoke-on-Trent, his flight was authorised by his instructor, Sergeant Denis Roughley. At about 11:30 while near Leek, and about seven miles from Meir, the engine of Magister L8258 started to fail. LAC Coogan opted to carry out a forced landing in a suitable field. He chose a field near the village of Cheddleton a short distance south of Leek. After landing in a field the aircraft struck a telegraph pole causing serious damage to the aircraft and minor injury to LAC Coogan.

After completing his elementary flying training LAC Coogan moved on to No.5 Flying Training School at RAF Tern Hill in Shropshire. On the night of the 7th March 1941 he was on a cross country flight in Miles Master Mk.I T8570 and attempted to land at RAF Driffield in Yorkshire. He overshot the landing and while climbing away the aircraft stalled and before recovering controlled flight the aircraft flew into the ground killing James Coogan. He was buried at the churchyard in Stoke on Tern close to Ternhill.