Supermarine Spitfire F. Mk.22 PK488 of No.502 (Ulster) Squadron, Royal Auxiliary Air Force, crash landed near Parwich on the 25th June 1949

Supermarine Spitfire Mk.XVIII
Above is a Spitfire Mk.XVIII, outwardly similar to a Mk.22


Gordon Alexander McDonald Flight Lieutenant Pilot Survived


The parent unit of the aircraft, No. 502 Sqn, was stationed at RAF Aldergrove in Northern Ireland. Each summer the whole Squadron would attend a practice camp where they could carryout air combat practice against other RAF units. This pilot was taking part in Exercise Foil, an air defence exercise which took place in late June – early July 1949, this accident occurred on the first day of the exercise.

The pilot became lost after being given a number of inaccurate position fixes by Ground Controllers, he was also suffering from partial radio failure due to a defective crystal. Other channels that were available were in continuous use by other aircraft so he was unable to communicate. When, at 18:10, the aircraft ran out of fuel he force landed near to the village of Parwich