Chipmunk T. Mk.10 WD326 of No.19 Reserve Flying School (Manchester and Liverpool UAS) crashed near Malham on the 27th June 1953

de Havilland Canada Chipmunk T. Mk.10 at the Royal Air Force Museum, Hendon


Kenneth Barnard Vallance Flying Officer Pilot Killed
Frank Reddish Pilot Officer Co-pilot Killed


The two crew had taken the aircraft out on a training flight from Woodvale.  F/O Vallance, who was a lecturer in botany at Liverpool University, had planned to fly to the Malham area as a group ecology students from Liverpool were carrying out a plant survey in the area, it was his intention to carry out aerobatics once in the right area.  The aircraft made its first pass over the group and performed a roll it was then seen to approach a second time at lower altitude again performing a roll.  Throughout this the aircraft lost height and while very close to the ground it appeared to two crew had lost control the aircraft impacted the ground while inverted and cart wheeled to a halt and burst into flames, though the fire quickly went out.

It is not known which pilot was actually in control of the aircraft though it is known that F/O Vallance was in the rear cockpit.

Crash site of de Havilland Canada Chipmunk WD326 near Malham, Yorkshire
This photograph shows where the aircraft crashed, the aircraft struck with its port wing tip first on the opposite side of the road, pivoted with the engine striking on the edge of the road and the fuselage rolled / slid to halt in the foreground.