Dakota Mk.IV KK194 of No.45 Group RAF. Flew into Ben Talaidh on the Isle of Mull, 1st February 1945

C-47 Dakota


Frank Bishop Flying Officer Pilot Killed
Thomas Brown Milne Alexander Pilot Officer Navigator Injured
Gilbert Nichols Warrant Officer 1 RCAF Radio Operator Injured
Derek Biden Auchinvole Squadron Leader Passenger Injured
Archibald Alderton Squadron Leader Passenger Killed
Herbert Ellis Flying Officer Passenger Killed
Basil Miller Flight Lieutenant Passenger Injured
John Douglas Lumsden Gammie Flight Lieutenant Passenger Injured


The aircraft, built as a C-47B-20-DK with the USAAF serial 43-49709, was being used for a trans-Atlantic ferry flight. It was while flying the leg from Iceland to Prestwick when the aircraft flew into Ben Talaidh.

Grave of Squadron Leader Archibald Alderton at Brookwood Military Cemetery, Surrey
The crew and passengers who were killed were buried in various UK cemeteries, above is Squadron Leader Alderton’s grave at Brookwood Military Cemetery in Surrey.
Ravine below the crash site of Douglas Dakota KK194 on Ben Talaidh where most of the wreckage was dumped
A general view of the ravine into which the remains of KK194 were dumped in 1945. One of the engine is in the stream to the right.
Pratt & Whitney Twin Wasp from Douglas Dakota KK194 on Ben Talaidh, Isle of Mull
This is the engine mentioned with the previous photo.
Wreckage from the fuselage of Douglas Dakota KK194 on Ben Talaidh, Isle of Mull
Part of the aircrafts fuselage with a window cut out visible.
Main undercarriage from Douglas Dakota KK194 on Ben Talaidh, Isle of Mul
One of the aircraft’s main wheels can be found in amongst the remains, behind the is the tail unit, inverted and almost entirely buried.