Heinkel He111H-4 coded 5J+SH of 1/KG4 crashed on Cairnsmore of Fleet on the 9th August 1940


Arthur Zeiss Leutnant Pilot Killed
Walter Hajesch Unteroffizier Killed
Wilhelm Mechsner Unteroffizier Killed
Frhr Gernot von Turckheim Unteroffizier Killed


The aircraft flew into the mountain a short way off the summit towards Eastman’s Cairn and was burnt out while on a sortie from its base at Soesterberg in Holland. It is thought that the crew were tasked with dropping mines into the sea off Northern Ireland, as the aircraft had been carrying parachute mines. One of these had detonated when the aircraft crashed, or shortly afterwards, scattering pieces of wreckage across the mountainside. According to the RAF report only the tail and outer wings were unaffected. A second mine was discovered at the crash site, this had not gone off when the other exploded and was presumably de-activated before being removed from the hill.

Crash site of He111 5J+SH on Cairnsmore of Fleet
Very little remains at the site now which lies in a large patch of boulders.
View from the crash site of He111 5J+SH on Cairnmore of Fleet
Another view of the site, looking SW.


The four crew are buried at Cannock Chase German Military Cemetery in Staffordshire, below are their graves.

Grave of Wilhelm Mechsner and Arthur Zeiss at Cannock Chase German Military Cemetery

Grave of Frhr Gernot von Turckheim and Walter Hajesch at Cannock Chase German Military Cemetery